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Mordecai and Rigby enter a vehicular doughnut contest to win guest spots on their favorite police procedural TV show. Skips faces dire consequences when he passes up a day off to reduce his deadly amount of stress. When Thomas is incapacitated by a dangerously cold slushie flavor, Mordecai and Rigby must enter his brain to prevent the drink from killing him. A health inspector threatens to shut down the park if sanitary conditions inside Muscle Man's trailer are not improved.

When Mordecai is invited to a BBQ with Margaret's family, he tries to get her father to give him a handshake. Mordecai and Rigby try to find a laserdisc player so they can see the director's cut of a famous cult classic. Mordecai and Rigby try to take back the cart when it is stolen by a rich, snobby country club.

Blind Trust: Benson has to trust Mordecai and Rigby. Muscleman gets the guys to take him to fast food joints so he can binge on his favorite foods one last time before going on a couple-diet with Starla. The gang has to stop Muscleman from fighting in his sleep by finding the source of his nightmares.

The gang tries to save Benson from and evil party company, who kidnap and clone to sell their party-animal counterparts. Mordecai plans to take Margaret out to a fancy restaurant so he can ask her to officially be his girlfriend.

Mordecai, still in a state of depression from Margaret's rejection at the Stake Me Amadeus restaurant, ends up finding her sweater in the laundry and plans to give it back to her at her college. Mordecai and Rigby decide to create songs and sing them to people in the park so they can raise money to buy a special video game, but they run into a silver street performer who is stealing their songs and dancing to them.

Mordecai and Rigby have to fix Benson's car when they accidentally throw the T. Mordecai, Rigby, Muscleman, and High-Five Ghost want to eat an Every Meat burrito, but the restaurant won't let them buy any until they have an actual car to use in the drive-through. When Benson tells Mordecai and Rigby to clean their room, Rigby buys a special room-separating system so he doesn't have to clean the mess.

When Teenage Skips is accidentally sent into the future while storm-chasing, Mordecai and Rigby have to help him return to the s. Mordecai and Rigby have to buy tortillas for Benson's survival seminar, but they get lost in the woods on the way back to the site. Each of the park guys want to win a bet by telling the scariest story at a Halloween party.

Pops gives Mordecai and Rigby tants — pants that double as tables — which Mordecai and Rigby pretend to like. However, the duo accidentally ruin the tants and try to fix them in order to not hurt Pops' feelings. Muscle Man wants to win the bodybuilding competition at his gym. Mordecai and Rigby accidentally ruin Thanksgiving and must find a way to save it before their families arrive for dinner.

Mordecai and Rigby must replace the turkey they accidentally destroyed before their families arrive, so they compete in a Thanksgiving song contest where the winner is given a full Thanksgiving feast — and a Donald Trump-esque billionaire wants the prize for himself so he can brand it.

Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost participate in a stuntman training academy, hoping to obtain a license to perform an act for Benson's nephew's birthday party. After receiving a message from his future self, Rigby must stop Mordecai from kissing a girl on New Year's Eve.

The group wants to win a dodgeball tournament, but Mordecai becomes distracted when he discovers that C. Mordecai and Rigby get stuck in a portable toilet at the park after Mordecai takes a dare from C. Hi-Five Ghost hopes to reunite with a lady from his past after receiving a long-awaited postcard from her. With his high school reunion arriving, Rigby tries to accomplish skydiving while eating a burrito, a task he claimed he would do before attending the reunion.

Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost must venture into the park's giant sinkhole in order to find the park's video camera that they lost before the pit is filled in. Mordecai and Rigby play a prank on Daylight Saving Time by setting all of the clocks in the park at the wrong time, which leads to disastrous results. When Benson accidentally breaks Mr. Maellard's autographed guitar, Mordecai and Rigby try to help him replace it.

Skips tells Mordecai and Rigby the story of how he became immortal. Mordecai and Rigby revive their band with the rest of the group and compete in a battle of the bands in order to win an air conditioner during a massive heat wave. After an important portrait of Benson is ruined, Mordecai attempts to repaint it before it is awarded to him. Mordecai, Rigby, and C. Mordecai ponders over his feelings towards C. Mordecai has a date with C.

Rigby is humiliated on the game show Expert or Liar and sets off to redeem himself by locating the show's host and making another appearance. Pops strives to learn how to surf in order to reconnect with nature after having a bad day with it. Benson's chance of winning a gold watch at the park is jeopardized when he eats too many buffalo wings.

When Mordecai and Rigby ruin the park house by throwing pizza pouches at it, they're forced to repaint it. Mordecai and Rigby have to bake a cake for Mr. Maellard's surprise birthday party after the original cake is ruined.

Skips tries to find his soul mate on a dating show after seeing how happy everyone else is in a relationship. Thomas tries to save his job and prove his worth by retrieving the park founder's statue after he overhears Benson say that he will be fired due to his lack of work as an intern. Bachelor Party! The guys help Skips throw a bachelor party for his cousin Quips.

Mordecai accidentally destroys C. Mordecai and C. When Mordecai offers to pick up a mix tape from his parent's house, CJ decides to go with him and meet his parents. But, from past memories, Mordecai worries that his Mom will embarrass him. In high school, Muscle Man wants to show that he is cooler than the new student on campus.

CJ joins the mini golf tournament but finds out that her dad signed up. Will she beat him? Mordecai, Rigby, and the gang decide to visit Muscle Man's mother on Halloween. On the way the group tells ghost stories, including one where Mordecai and Rigby die and return to haunt Benson. The End of Muscle Man.

After Eileen winning a flat-screen tv, Rigby decides to install her new tv to surprise her. The only problem lies within Eileen's roommate who wouldn't let anything new come around her house. After Rigby finds out something unusual about Thomas in the night, he decides to explain his friends about the incident. Meanwhile things starts to turn dangerous when they find out the mysterious truth of Thomas. The gang gets back at Muscle Man after he gives them bad gifts.

After preparing for Eileen's Christmas party, Mordecai finds out that his ex-girlfriend Margaret will be there which leaves him extremely nervous since he doesn't want things to go complicated when he's together with C. Mordecai tries to get back with CJ. The gang follows Benson to his Park Manager's Lunch hosted by Gene, the rival park manager, thinking that it is all just and elaborate hoax. During an early morning after a late night of partying, Mordecai and Rigby try to take a nap in a patio furniture crate and accidentally get shipped to Australia.

Muscle Man and Starla participate in a game show to try to win their dream wedding. When Mordecai, Rigby and their friends decides to rent a movie on laserdisc, a new prophesy tells them that an all new Format War is heading so they need to be prepared to end the Fomat Wars once and for all. Benson finds a suit that is designed for battle.

But some bad people want it. Eileen and the gang decide to watch the hatching of the turtles and their descent into the sea. Benson's Suit. Mordecai awkwardly attends a party at Margaret's house, hoping to take a piece of cake for C. After a horse, with a love of partying, crash-lands on Earth, Mordecai and Rigby learn that he has to pass his U. History exam, or else he can never party again.

Playco is determined to get Mordecai, Rigby, and the baby ducks to sign a toy contract that they bring in the geese to beat them into signing. Garage Door. Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special. Not Great Double Date. Mordecai and Rigby fight with the power of death kwon-do to help Sensei obtain a new stomach for his much need stomach transplant. Benson treats his workers to lunch at a prestigious sandwich shop, and Mordecai and Rigby find themselves in over their head when they order the number 46 a very long party sub and are forced to eat it or else be fired.

While the duo eat it, they think back to other eating challenges they've done. The group helps Muscle Man and Starla on their wedding day, but it's Mordecai whose relationship is in danger when Margaret gets invited and an awkward speech leads to yet another falling-out between Mordecai and CJ. Dumped at the Altar: The guys have to get Muscle Man married. The Parkie Awards: After Benson doesn't take home the award for Park Manager of the Year, the guys want to make him feel like a winner.

The Lunch Club. Local News Legend: Margaret really wants to host a weekly segment on the nightly local news. Cat Videos. Season 7, Episode 8. Terror Tales of The Park V 1. The Return of Party Horse. Rigby and Eileen get called away to Don's black belt ceremony forcing Mordecai and Margaret to hang out alone. Benson decides to stop becoming a cat person and becomes a pig person, so he gets a pig, but asks Mordecai and Rigby to look after it.

Just Friends. In order to get high school credits, Rigby has to pass a foreign language class taught by Benson in China. Rigby has to create a massively crazy fake plan in order to surprise Eileen for the first time ever. Benson wants to get some street cred with the Park Managers' Association and win the big chili cook-off. The guys have to return a VHS copy of their favorite terrible movie or else pay a huge late fee.

Rigby's high school nemesis returns and threatens to ruin his chances at passing gym class and graduating high school. The guys want to give Thomas an epic Guys Night before he goes into hiding forever. Mordecai and Rigby unplug some cables in an old synthesizer, and they have to travel to the planet of Synthos in order to re-connect them and bring Gary back to life. Rigby wins a king-size bed and throws his trampoline bed in the garbage.

But when he realizes that he can't sleep without his trampoline, he has to go through an elaborate junkyard to find it. Gary's Synthesizer. California King. Cube Bros. Maellard's Package. Rigby Goes to the Prom. The Button. Favorite Shirt. Marvolo the Wizard. Pops' Favorite Planet. Pam I Am. Lame Lockdown. VIP Members Only. Deez Keys. Rigby's Graduation Day Special. Mordecai and Rigby have a confrontation with robots.

The gang must repair the dome. Mordecai and Rigby want shoes. The guys go after a wallet. Muscle Man sets out to prank someone. The guys try to help Pops overcome his nightmares. Mordecai and Rigby must stop an evil brain after Rigby releases it from a cage. Benson hunts for some fries.

Spacey McSpaceTree. Can You Ear Me Now? Stuck In an Elevator. The Space Race. Kyle Kinane. Rich Fulcher. Paul Scheer. Jason Mantzoukas. Natasha Leggero. James Hong. James Adomian. Janie Haddad Tompkins. Gillian Jacobs. Adam Pally. John Gemberling. Joel McHale. David Koechner. Phil LaMarr. Steve Little. Tommy 'Tiny' Lister. Rich Sommer. Tyler the Creator. Elizabeth Pan. Christopher McDonald. Lily Rabe. Ed Begley Jr. Kate Micucci. Letoya Luckett. Neil deGrasse Tyson. George Takei.

Steven Weber. Edie McClurg. Thomas Haden Church. Mark Hamill. Jaleel White. Edward Asner. Wallace Shawn. Linda Cardellini. Donald Glover. Terry Crews. Katey Sagal. Zosia Mamet. Tim Russ. Chelsea Kane. Kevin Michael Richardson. Kari Wahlgren. Grey Griffin. Dee Bradley Baker. Fred Tatasciore. Jeff Bennett. Lee Reherman. Keith David. Dawnn Lewis. Nolan North. Tara Platt. Rhomeyn Johnson.

Armin Shimerman. Lex Lang. Courtenay Taylor. Travis Willingham. Tim Curry. Christine Baranski. Carl Weathers. Yvette Nicole Brown. Kurtwood Smith. Dean Cameron. David Kaye. Richard Doyle. Matthew Yang King. Jemaine Clement. David Ogden Stiers. Richard McGonagle. Debra Wilson. Scott MacDonald. Josh Keaton. Jennifer Hale. Robert Englund. Wayne Knight. April Stewart. Michael Ann Young. Vanessa Marshall.

Steve Blum. Liam O'Brien. Ben Diskin. Robin Atkin Downes.

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