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Torrente de valdivieso merlot

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torrente de valdivieso merlot

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Over my 10 days there, and with several thousand kilometres of internal travel, I gained a far better understanding of the landscape and climate that shapes these regions, their different soils and terroirs, and the unique challenges and opportunities facing the grape growers and winemakers.

Vine growing in Chile is confined to a fairly narrow horizontal section through the centre of this incredibly long and thin country. To the south the Chilean Lake district is a land of geological wonder and most definitely on my plans for a future trip before the Patagonian ice fields and a freezing land of brilliant blue glaciers.

It soon becomes obvious why that narrow middle section is the only possible option for grapevine cultivation. With 6, kilometres of Pacific coastline to the west, and the snaking spine of the high Andes mountains forming the border with Argentina to the east, Chile is a natural fortress. The vineyards are mostly in the Central Valley, running north-south between the Andes and the significant, if less impressive, Coastal range. The Andes are the main source of fresh irrigating water, as well as providing cooling air in the evenings.

Sunshine hours are not a problem, though frost can be a danger in Spring months. Travelling south from the capital Santiago on the Chilean section of the pan-American highway is a bit of a culture shock. Perhaps it is the tiredness of hours of travel, or the Kunstmann, a strong local lager that washed down a quick sandwich lunch, but as I drift off to sleep in the back of our car, I have a definite sense of being far from home.

George remains on the board of Valdivieso and is deeply involved with the wines made there, but we are here to find out more about Via, his new project, and one that is obviously a burning passion for him. Jorge has a relentless drive and enthusiasm. Via is a Chilean wine name you probably do not recognise, yet it is one of the hottest names around on the Chilean scene, and represents a radical departure in a wine industry that is somewhat traditional by and large. Jorge began his search for a new wine estate and a brand new project a decade ago.

His vision was for a modern, commercial wine operation that would be totally market-driven; capable of producing quality wines to satisfy any client, and any market. This ambition was really quite revolutionary in the slightly staid, traditional world of most Chilean wine producers. On day two we took a two hour horse ride around the Chilcas estate, riding through streams and between rows of vines, with the backdrop of the Andes framing every view.

Chilcas is a large estate by Chilean standards, and Jorge spent almost half a million dollars satellite mapping every square inch of it, before planting a single vine. Working with scientists from UC Davies in California, his aim was to maximise every slope and soil type for the specific vine clones he would plant. Already, several hectares is certified organic, and the plan is to run the whole estate organically as soon as possible.

Visionary though he may be, Jorge shows his shrewd business sense in that part of the farm is given over to 4, head of beef cattle. Winemaker for Via is Julian Grubb, a young Englishman who started his wine career as an assistant at Oddbins in Oxford. Clearly he has been exposed to a variety of winemaking philosophies and styles, and his shy, calm demeanour belies a steely determination to do things they way he wants.

Certainly the results are impressive, with a portfolio of balanced, very characterful wines. On Sunday morning we took a two-hour drive by 4X4 to the foothills of the Andes, km north-east of the town of Talca, to the Siete Tazas national park. We took a four-hour hike, most of that way being vertical, spotting condors and eagles, but thankfully no pumas which are plentiful.

What a joy to discover that inside is a warm welcome and excellent home cooking, with fruits and vegetables grown by the owners, and baskets of wonderful warm flat bread served with bowls of Chancho en Piedra , a deliciously spicy, coriander cilantro -based salsa. The scene here is definitely changing fast, and whilst go-ahead forces like Jorge Coderch have an influence, the potential is there for Chile to consolidate its reputation for good value, well-made wines at one end of the scale, whilst expanding its horizons in terms of both export volumes and quality.

This was a chance to see the juxtaposition of new and old in Chilean vine-growing. The average score for each of the wines that follows is, to be utterly precise, Readers often ask why are there never any pointers, or even ers in this column, and my response is that, for a bottle to be so perfect, it must be an extremely luscious, complex wine at its peak of maturity. And which high-street retailer or supermarket sells such wines? This wine, like all those in this week's column, is available at Majestic Wine Warehouses, a company that more than one reader has beefed about due to its inflexible policy of selling only by the case or mixed case.

Nevertheless, on the basis of the price and quality of certain of its bottles, Majestic can peddle a bargain as shrewdly as any. This merlot is wonderful, happy juice, parading leather, tannins, blackberries and plums, a hint of cinnamon, and a lingering finish. It has a sullen spiciness at first, then the huge tannins arrive, and it's one long torrent of richness and depth.

Chteau Flauguergues Cteaux du Languedoc The tannins and the fruit are deliciously melded and softened one into the other, and the finish is inspired.

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