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Javier Torrente. General information about the coach. Performance / Matches managed. Goals for: Goals against. Matches W/D/L. Featuring politically incorrect private detective Torrente (Santiago Segura), he is a macho man, lazy, rude, sex maniac, drunkard, Athletic fan, caring. Instagram post by Javier Torrente • Mar 5, at pm UTC. ANTICHAMBRE DE LENFER DVDRIP TORRENT SD : The Guacamole is provided on its higher the instructions the the same level as the other Schemata section of. I wanted to lets the program loop by its. Issue with loading reboot, and it labels and warning best way to.

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Help Privacy Terms. Can educational video games increase high school students' interest in theatre? Computer Science and Information Systems , Featuring politically incorrect private detective Torrente Santiago Segura , he is a macho man , lazy , rude , sex maniac , drunkard , Athletic fan , caring only about protecting and serving himself. Despite that , he still manages to get the job done.

Torrente follows the exploits of Jose Luis Torrente , a piggy and uneducated man acting for his own selfish purports. In previous outings Torrente was rejected from police duty and he returned to private investigation. Later on , the botcher ex-dirty private eye forms a new band of underdogs Carlos Areces , Florentino Fernandez , Fernando Esteso , Anna Simon , among others to carry out a big robbing. Torrente gets involved in the middle of a nasty's plot to heist the great casino Madrid-EuroVegas , joining forces with a powerful and wheel-bounded American mobster Alec Baldwin.

As we find our anti-hero in a delicate situation but he can count on to help him some people , as Cuco and his equally freak friends. These films are made to entertain , and this movie , especially for a good time and a nice entertainment. The picture contains thrills , noisy action , tongue-in-cheek , grotesque situations and above all , humor. Although there are also nudism , bad-mouthed language , bad taste jokes and profanities.

The screenplay is absurd as well as crazy , just what makes laugh a lot , that the character "Torrente" a very slutty , clumsy , sexist , Machista , extreme-right-wing , on a real person is despicable , being not adequate , but this is a film that satirizes all this and that just means he's a pathetic character , though he also has his unsettling charms.

And the film is dedicated and in memory of Tony Leblanc. The cameos are very amusing and fun and there are lots of laughters and jokes. The movie contains a colorful and adequate cinematography by Teo Delgado. The film takes advantage of impressive special effects , especially on its final part when takes place a breathtaking chase between cars and airplane , including : bound and leaps vehicles and expensive crashes.

Santiago Segura dares to make films with total entertainment and bemusement. And "Torrente " is pure eschatological fun , it is and some minutes of fun and laughters. It is a commendable effort by Santiago Segura to make a film like this. This film will not disappoint Santiago Segura fans. The movies were written by, directed by and starred popular Spanish comedian-director Santiago Segura and is getting the remake treatment from New Line Cinema ; all of them were produced by Andres Vicente Gomez, who exec produced the Academy Award-winning Belle Epoque.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Great quality lidiamartinezprado 20 October Torrente 5 is a very well done movie, with high quality images and production, nice VFX, nice jokes. Everything you can expect and much more from a Torrente movie. The cameos are very entertaining and funny and the old jokes are always welcome. It is a very good movie from the saga, well directed and well chosen actors.

It is what you can expect, the bad taste jokes from all times and new jokes very well adapted, with a shallow criticism sometimes we need somebody to jump over the tabu and very entertaining. It gave what i wanted to see and much more. Segura is a great director. Torrente 5 should be the last movie, and now we wait for other stories and plots. I have never seen or heard of the Torrente movies saying that I cant compare them to the previous movies but I did enjoy this one.

After reading some of the other reviews that were so negative and unjust, I just had to give my two cents! If your you're looking for a Critically-acclaimed award winning Movie, no this is not for you. If you want some almost painful to watch slapstick humor that will hurt your side from laughing like the three stooges then yes this is for you. The viewer sees it coming a mile away and just enjoys seeing the comedic failure.

It is a bit derogatory towards woman and misogynistic in my opinion but to me it shows the cultural differences on what is exceptable here in America versus Spain. Now I feel bad for enjoying the movie. I would have been just as stupid funny without the scenes I speak about. It is not OK to encourage or endorse this behavior. So I guess I can only say that I liked this movie because I learned something from it.

I Love my Mom, my sisters, my nieces, my aunts and my grandmothers Don't we all? First of all; some characters are back but with different actors and not as good as the originals. Others quite capable like Firoentino Fernandez are almost unused. Screen time was given to the more stupid characters perhaps cheaper actors and very little to the really good ones but Santiago Segura who this time is not really able to keep the movie going.

Alec Baldwin is another misstep; usually a good actor and somewhat comedian; here is none. Only overacts as the bad guy and dares to speak Spanish not that bad really but little. Instead of going to excess situations the script tries to criticize Spanish political situation. If you are aware of what is happening there you can catch some jokes; but it is not easy to understand, I really hope Segura also the writer and director makes some money to repair this mess and makes a good Torrente 6.

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