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() Shugo Tokumaru – Katachi () Asgeir – Torrent Woody Shaw - The Complete Columbia Albums Collection () - Tracklist. Joan Shelley- Joan Shelley · Mouth Moods- Neil Cicierega · Hot Thoughts- Spoon · TOSS- Shugo Tokumaru · Painted Ruins- Grizzly. KANJANI8 (関ジャニ∞) - 8EST Jpop Mp3 Mediafire rar/zip/megaupload/torrent/single/mediafire/MF Artist: 関ジャニ∞ Title (Album): 8EST Relea. SENIORENRESIDENZ RHEINAUER TORRENT Moved the smart reconnect "Delay on not have an program as well as a brief. It has good. In these situations, this shaved area a few seconds running under the ensuring a detailed. Problems ignored do.

But though it basks in many of the things that normally make ambient music boring or irrelevant, And Their Refinement of the Decline is never dull. And Their Refinement of the Decline is also music that defies emotional pigeon-holing. It is strongly melancholic, hopeful, pained, optimistic, longing, and content.

And on a different day, it could be none of these things and something else altogether. And Their Refinement of the Decline feels like the climax of the career of Stars of the Lid, the point to which every other point in their seventeen year career has been leading up to. It is both the pinnacle of ambient and modern classical crossover in the first decade of this century, and a humble, simple record from two musicians who have perfected their craft.

Deftones — White Pony. Some of the records in the case would eventually earn constant rotation even to this day; the most important find in the case was easily White Pony. Over the past ten years the group has attempted to grasp the impact that White Pony had on its listeners, but something so immense can be attempted only once.

No, not really I suppose. The pop hooks are present here, but they are layered under a guise of noise as the group dips into their shoegaze influences. Brand New- Deja Entendu. And Brand New understood. It is the sound of a group knowing what it meant to be sixteen and completely disillusioned, only with the lyricist to express it in the artful way our journals and adolescent scribblings only aspired to.

And then when we grew up, Brand New did too, at first with the bitter grandeur of The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me , then with the raw, disgusted rejection of the home they came from with Daisy. Deltron — Deltron This album was so successful because it took a genre-blind approach to production and blended alternative pop with hip hop.

Leading up to the release of Deltron Dan the Automator had established himself as a strong producer, creating the instrumental backing for two idiosyncratic emcees, Kool Keith Dr. His work was so solid because his production was programmatically geared to be ethereal and quirky as a complement to the emcee and the theme of the album.

Working with Kid Koala and Del invited Dan to refine that milieu even further. The resulting creation is grandiose, diverse, and impressive, but also silly and fun. Kayo Dot — Choirs of the Eye. By now, the fable of Toby Driver is overdrawn and bloated. Before its release, Choirs of the Eye was more a concept or myth that embodied experimental greatness than an actual album.

Despite these grandiose expectations, Choirs of the Eye turned out to be greater in scope and excellence than anybody could have anticipated. Choirs of the Eye is an album that was created in an effort to generate something new, but unlike most albums that dare to enter uncharted musical territory, Choirs is pulls it off with such precision and elegance that an atonal melody or a 6-minute long ambient passage will feel familiar, appropriate, and maybe even fated.

Sigur Ros —. Although such a basic division seems as though it would be constrictive, the record is incredibly dynamic. Significantly, it resonates with both close and casual listening. The growth of a band is always intriguing and Brand New may have one of the more intriguing histories given their dramatic change.

There is a newfound aggressiveness that pushes aside past albums once focused around teenage life and petty issues in turn for thought-provoking tracks centered on the afterlife among other issues. The National — Boxer. I feel like I should be writing about our number one album but unfortunately Boxer only barely managed to crack the top twenty. These songs are for the little guy in all of us — that small part that never really gave up on those dreams we had as kid — but they also serve to show that moving on in spite of those dreams can offer the same kind of fulfillment as living up to them.

Never devolving into electronic bullshit, vocal effects, or stupid Animal Collective nonsense, the album makes due with the shirt on its back, so to speak. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the greatest of indie bands: The National. The Mars Volta — Deloused in the Comatorium. I was twelve when I first heard At the Drive-In.

It was right around the time when Relationship of Command was set to come out and something about them really captivated me—it was mostly the listless enthusiasm of Cedric Bixler and Omar Rodriguez, two energetic Mexi-somethings who even then appeared to be working on a different wave-length drugs than the rest of the band. It all culminated for me when I saw a re-run of the band on the kind-of-shitty TV show Farmclub, in which some throaty fat guy introduced their set which quickly devolved into the band trashing their instruments and kind of playing a song in between.

And then, either through a friend or through a late night radio broadcast pick whichever sounds better I came across The Mars Volta. Again, my timing ruled. They were just about to release Deloused in the Comatorium , their debut full-length. What matters is it felt like the album grew with me. The band has failed to do so again ever since. Yes, the lyrics are nonsensical and the concept is either convoluted or stupid depending on the day, but what matters is how it sounds.

And fuck, it sounds awesome. The thing that always stuns me about For Emma, Forever Ago is how quickly it goes by. But why? What about For Emma, Forever Ago resonates so invariably? This is an album that basically crawled out of nowhere, a self released, back-of-the-truck deal that became a sensation in because of what? Then again, when have we heard such soulful, gospel-esque harmonies deployed so effectively in a folk context? The fact that its over so quickly just adds to the allure; this is music to cling to before it ends fleetingly with a twinge of regret, not unlike the relationship rumored to have inspired it.

How fucking indie is that?!?! Of course he would. Any reasonable person would. And yet we accept it. For that alone, The Marshall Mathers LP deserves a permanent place in history — nobody in pop music has ever presented such a well-rounded, sympathetic psychopath.

Glassjaw — Worship and Tribute. Part of what makes Glassjaw such a stand out band is a combination of structured genre blending and blissfully naive experimentation. The ambitious pairing of those two tracks alone makes Worship and Tribute one of the more singular and inscrutable albums of the past decade.

With Worship and Tribute , Glassjaw deconstructed this sound entirely and produced an album that is genreless, peerless, and timeless. At the Drive-In — Relationship of Command. Ten years after its release, Relationship of Command still feels fresh. It still feels new. For those that got it, the feisty Texans, led by the cathartic political wailing of Cedric Bixler and the mangled and mutated guitar driven delirium of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, were musical mana.

While legions of imitators have tried, none have even come close. At times it sounded like Fugazi, but Ian MacKaye never managed to pack this much of a punch, and Guy Picciotto wishes that he could warp the sounds coming out of his amp like his afroed counterpart. Relationship of Command is equal parts deranged and divine. Its grandiose vision went beyond any one scene or style. It was punk, it was hardcore, it was rock and roll, and most of all it was too much for even At the Drive-In themselves.

It split the band between afros and no afros, eventually leading to a gut-wrenching indefinite hiatus that left us with the more traditional Sparta and the schizophrenic nu-prog powerhouse The Mars Volta. Both have their merits, but nothing holds a candle to what they made together on Relationship of Command : absolute perfection. Too many people think that religious music or Christian music, at least is all awful, that the classification automatically renders everything it touches invalid.

When doubt enters the equation, things take a turn. Nervously caught between two equally abhorrent possibilities — being wrong about God or being wrong about life — vocalist Aaron Weiss screams to anybody that will listen for guidance. Classic, fully-rounded, painfully honest, bleeding-heart love songs.

If everybody took the time to articulate their faith with as much fury, honesty, and power as Weiss does here, the world would be a much better place. Wilco — Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. As a fervent fan of almost anything Wilco, including everything that came before it sans A. But then it hit me. Everything made sense. Hell, I even agreed with that. But so what? At least we have this. Animal Collective- Feels. And then that coda: a euphoric dream fully realized and enveloping, a warm cocoon to hide away in and sleep in forever.

And if you thought that description was ludicrous fanboy babble, know that I could do this for eight more songs. And I already have this as my number one album of all time. Of all time! Previous Next. Click here to cancel reply. Dillon My dad, despite largely having pretty good taste and keeping up admirably with modern music for somebody in his mids, hates hip-hop. Leave a Response Click here to cancel reply. You need to be logged in to post a comment Login Register.

So, half of Sputnik who thought RoC was in top 10, what's up? Inveigh I think about 4 or 5 of my predicted top 10s went out this round, along with 2 or 3 last round. MPP and Kid A are still in it though! DoubtGin Transient PuddlesPuddles Yeah, most of my top 10s as well. Worship and Tribute decent album, I like it is way to fucking high. Staff, once again, has disappointed me.

I've still got 4 of mine in the running though that won't be enough to win I don't think. DirEnRefused I wanted ATDI and glassjaw in the top I'm such a post hardcore whore. Also, wtf Brother Sister? Yeah, that description for Relationship of Command is fucking horrificly bad.

Asator PanasonicYouth The lists were due at PM GMT on Wednesday night, it was discussed behind closed doors and it was reiterated in the submission thread. Our top 10 is comprised of all metal album FYI. Knott- Loving the blurbs for these records, they're mostly excellent.

Nice to see Deja getting some love :D. FadeToBlack Gmork89 Sheeple Worship and Tribute is excellent but doesn't deserve to be in the Top Great album, great band. Through Silver In Blood pwease be in top 10 :. Fugue So this is by far the best of the lists thusfar, hence the I guess. Just lost 8 of my 10 pedictions though so I'm not winning PlayCrackSky The Deja Entendu overview is really well-written. Whoever made that should write a full review. Chambered: top 10 for Burial, well fingers crossed anyway.

Thor BE and something by Weakerthans and maybe The Decemberists. I could also see White Stripes making an appearance. It was one of my pics for this, based on the fact I thought it should be top 10 and that it took the staff's list. But then Cynic took out , and that didn't get as high as I thought it would. Inveigh: I'd put money on Burial being in the top ThePalestMexican Tha Carter III should be number 1.

Through Silver in Blood came out in the 90's bro NeutralThunder12 Better list than expected. Awesome to see 30, my favorite indie album of all time on here. Can't wait for the top 10, I justhope we see some Godspeed. It's called a joke, BRO. Yordy I really can't wait until tomorrow. This list was a really awesome idea.

It's making me feel like a music noob though, there is a lot in that I don't have. I thought I remembered some staffers liking it. Black Emperor - Lift Yr. AngelofDeath Holy shit, this killed my contest entry. TRMshadow Young Jeezy's "Recession" should be in the top 5. BigHans Not one, but 2 Ced Bixler projects in this section. DiceMan I have every single one of the albums and each one fuckin kills it Great great list. Cedric Bixler is the man. List continues to be really awesome though.

I think I have about 4 guessed correctly. Monsterpoptart First time all week where i only had to get two albums on here. Easily the best part of the list so far! FattyKnee I swear Funeral hasn't been on one of these yet I figured Kayo Dot would be higher. Now I'm interested in the Top Kid A for No. Funeral is already on this. Bfhurricane Did Fear of a Blank Planet make anything so far?

I don't remember seeing it. Dear users who have still not grasped the way we devised our list, we did not have a roundtable discussion about the albums of the decade. We each had our own lists, which had a value for each spot, and then ordered the albums accordingly. So please stop having these expectations that albums like Colors will be on here, as that is not anyone within the staff's top 10 albums of this decade and if someone did, I missed it , therefore the odds are slim to none.

Also, for reference, I had GlassJAw's Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence in my top 3, and it didn't make the list, so in order to understand how an album would be in the top ten, it would take multiple staff members choosing that as a top 10 album. Lastly, stop guessing albums that aren't in this decade. Take this as an opportunity to revisit albums or find new albums, instead of criticizing everything outright. If our list was compiled of all metal albums, we would probably be writing for Ultimate-Guitar.

Just saying. IsItLuck- Clam down there buddy. We're allowed to disagree. Acually, I agree BallsToTheWall Once again Music Box is flamed. Bulldog, staff have his best album at a 4. I think it's safe to say it isn't making an appearance. Not going to lie, the past few days of unreasonable expectations has been taxing, but check out our ratings, it will likely help your guesses. Poet Totally forgot about Neutral Milk Hotel. Bet that's gonna show up. Klekticist StreetlightRock Skimaskcheck Pretty much agree with what a whole bunch of others have said - this section ruined my list it's amazing though , top 10 is a bit of mystery which is cool!

Zizzer Is it not supposed to be "Illinoise" like on the cover? Yotimi We can still submit today, right? Geoggadi would be awesome but I doubt it. Oh yeah, Deathcab Transatlanticism will be top 10, I dunno about the other I'm with Yotimi on the 8 he listed. I don't really see it being Oceanic or Leviathan but nothing else is coming to mind No mention of Devin Townsend yet Masochist LiquidVelvet Motiv3 I can't, either They said that 2 of the 10 albums in the top 10 aren't even added to the database sooo yeah.

Some odd missing albums in the series that probably won't make the top Not a single Mastadon album? Nothing from Misery Signals? I feel cheated and lied to. The correct title is 'Illinois,' however many mislabel it as 'Come on Feel the Illinoise,' Remember that he was attempting to do his 50 states project, and the one prior to Illinois was labeled Michigan. Well it can't be Sonic Youth being that their above-average shit is from the 90's.

Murray Street is pretty kick ass. WeepingBanana For real, did the submissions end last night? I have the 2 people are leaving off but don't wanna say. I think it deserves such praise. One of them is pretty obvious and I can't believe nobody's mentioned it.

So happy Brother, SIster is this high. FelixCulpa Yay, though the list was done with Thrice from what I read when The alchemy index was on the list! Emim This was pretty good. Ayon The write-up for Deja Entendu was beautiful and so damn true. I'm guessing the rest of the list will be devoid of Sleater-Kinney? Oh well, I guess they were more of a 90's band anyway. I remember one of the staff saying Kid A wasn't going to be on this list.

Oh and this obliterated my top ten list. I have two albums left, one of which will probably never make it on here and Jane Doe. The Microphones - The Glow Pt. Circa4life Awesome list, glad to see in there god I love that album. KieranV Nah, El Cielo has like 6 staff giving it a 5. Don't think Death Cab will make it. List evidently needs more Limp Bizkit. AtomicWaste JesusV4 I'm surprised not to see a Mastodon album in the whole list.

They deserved to be somewhere in the Top They don't deserve a spot in the Top 10 though, so Idk what gives there. Deloused should be higher, but over all, an impressive Lot of my favorites on this list. Possibly CTTS too. OK Computer will have a job being on this list. I'm also expecting Thriller tbqh. TMobotron List is beautiful. I forgot to include CTTS in my top , just sayin' seriously.. Is the point guessing, or is the point enjoying the albums listed?

The staff have always enjoyed fucking with the users. Surprised Blessed Are The Bonds didn't show up anywhere. IonsAgo De-Loused should definitely be higher. Crysis I think 16 should be in the top 10 but yeah pretty good shit.

Baphomet Tulannical YouAreMySilence Im especially surprised by the latter. Jawaharal This part of the list fuckin rules. Just one question How can i see the previous parts of the list? Or is it just one day view? Photon OMFG i just Saw stars of the lid..

That's pathetic! Where is Colors? Where is Madvillainy? Where is ANY Mastodon album? They don't even have to be high on the list, just ON it. And that's not a good thing. Pretty much everything you said is retarded. Wow, and the award for blanket statement of the year goes to What's retarded? Me stating a fact? Because saying that metal and hip hop are severely under-represented on this list is a fact. This band Madrugada are huge there-- terrible! Turbonegro still draw big crowds-- why?

You fuckers heard of Magnet? Enormous; terrible. For example, in Beijing, they were curious about what we play. There's a bit too much mind control here-- we're told so well what's good and what's bad, and it hurts us in a sense-- in China they take it at face value and react to it. I don't know what this means then, but all of our favorite Norwegian acts, it seems, are "big outside of Norway.

Thomas -- they have their Norwegian audiences, but they're more popular elsewhere. As in America, the homegrown artists who get the most exposure in Norway aren't the most interesting acts, just the safest bets. Here we are thinking we've been listening to Norwegian pop-- we are, but we're not. So what have we been listening to? Why Annie and not the fucking Ricochets? My guess is we're chasing a misconception-- a great one, but a misconception nonetheless. Norwegian pop, given everything we know about Norway, says icy-- pretty but lonely, full-sounding but pocket-sized, precious but distant.

My own hunt started summer in Rome. When I got back to Cambridge in the fall I bought on chance anything Norwegian I could find, hoping to hear other things that sound like "Poor Leno". Most of them were pretty terrible, but still. I had a hunch my "Norwegian sound" was bunk, but with all blogs and no first-hand field work, I did what I could, pieced together what was available. Moving on, after all the "Heartbeat"-single-of-the-year stuff, the Norwegian government contacted American publicity types to organize a junket of sorts-- get international press into Norway and let them see the stuff live.

Hate every band all you want-- one journo in tow, reportedly there to "find the funk in Norway," couldn't stop complaining about how unfunky everything was-- but respect the festival especially organizer Claes Olson for putting together a thoughtful, balanced bill. Anyway, I went to this thing. I saw a bunch of bands. I ate this weird licorice, and I bought a sweatshirt because it started raining all of the sudden. I heard the new Franz Ferdinand songs and came to the same conclusions our own Nitsuh Abebe did last week.

Sonic Youth were great. Fischerspooner embarrassed themselves, and America, as usual. But as for new-to-me Norwegian stuff at the festival-- bands you and I might like-- I only have a few, though I'm excited to share them.

The first I yapped about almost three weeks ago: Serena Maneesh. Some details I suppressed in the review are just starting to come out: Bandleader Emil Nikolaisen knows much about American and British indie rock from Daniel Smith of the Danielson Famile, whom Emil's sister long-distance dated. Since I've spoken with Sufjan before too, I realized pretty quickly that he and Emil both have incredibly high stakes in their music, fascinations with noise in the context of pop songwriting, anxieties about their music's complexity stemming from classical music backgrounds Emil's father played organ music professionally.

Both speak bright-eyed of resolving European classical forms with pop sensibilities-- both have musical missions far grander than most others. On the smallest stage, an all-female trio called Mary Me Young trounced through a set of songs that sorta sounded like Sleater-Kinney's "The Fox"-- pretty awesome stuff. Really, they're closer to ESG in spirit, weaned on hardcore.

But it felt so natural because we had all our friends played in a band-- the guys did, but none of the girls did. One day we saw a girl band called Umbrella, and thought, 'Why aren't we doing that? Pass on the irony: Mary Me Young dropped an "r" from "Marry" because they didn't want to make a statement.

Still the band of and year-olds, despite their "boys can do it, why can't we" moment, eschew feminism for effeminacy. Says Anne, who plays guitar, "We don't want to be the boys, we are feminine girls. We can't be as cool as the guys.

We just decided OK, let's not get that. Cloroform call themselves jazz-punk; if I remember correctly, they had an upright bass, so I guess that makes them jazz. Anyway apparently these guys play the Need New Body part in Norway, making people miserable before the headliner act takes stage-- except they're actually pretty awesome.

The lead singer-pianist went impossibly falsetto, into this infantile babble that first seemed funny on its own, then set off some Scissor Sisters vs. Hella shit too good to be true. After Fischerspooner ruined me for all things synthesized the day before, I wanted to stay away from Don Juan Dracula, "Norway's Fischerspooner" by one account-- dressed in white, mullets, and sweater vests, a high school marching band and drill team on stage. Oh, and they arrived in a helicopter.

But I had to walk by them to get to the free wireless, and every song they played sounded like Human League's "Love Action" and the leader singer looked like James Murphy with a short-long-- pretty great. I approached the jazz acts more curious to see what other people made of them. Maybe free jazz had hipster cachet in Norway, where our indiscriminate vultures can't get past the fucking Decemberists.

Gustaffson sax-bass-drum trio the Thing don't get too lost in their fantasies, which either makes them noise-lite or pros or both. Either way people stayed for them because a they played the piss out of their instruments, b they stuck to relatively discernible structures for solos, one player firing off a riff and the others responding intelligibly, mining the line for all its energy before moving onto the next, c the bassist looked like Uncle Fester-- give it a second.

They played later in the festival, another trio or quartet I don't remember , but no interaction between the parts-- three parallel lines of guitar-fucking, reedy drones, throbbing bumbleshit for nearly an hour. Totally dreadful live; the people or so reverent of Moore-- somebody shushed me when I tried to translate "guitar-fucking" into Norwegian for someone-- must not have got the memo about that dude.

Maybe the record's good. Bridging free-jazz to metal, Shining argued the two genres are technically the same. Shining are free-jazz covered in metal's honey, sugar on the cup rim for Norway's hardcore and metal fiends-- a Tull fan's dream. The best noise act in Oslo, and possibly the best live show I've ever seen, is called Kill.

The quartet haven't released any records because the act is a four-part side project, featuring members of Jaga Jazzist, Single Unit, JR Ewing, and No Place to Hide, all of them pedigreed at some point in hardcore and trash metal type acts. Kill speak openly of "musical violence" and assaulting stuff; well OK, I'm not much of a "terrified by sound" type, but holy shit.

There's a deep-rooted anger, a public distrust that feeds them, and with every blast of noise, they trigger a rig of white spotlights to blind the audience just to drive it home. No improvisation, the band's songs come off like textbook torture sequences; maybe they are.

A scant mention above for Norwegian rap-- sorry I don't have much to report here. It does exist though mostly as a young people thing, a fad even, much like grime in the UK. I didn't understand his lyrics, but the rhythm of his voice got stuck in predictable eighths, too bad. Blame the language perhaps, because when Cast, the dancehall-tinged Paperboys, and year-old Philip Ruud who made a few guest appearances for Cast, but got a big public push when he flirted with a Norwegian Idol contestant, then made the costliest music video in Norwegian history switched to English-- they chewed our best beats out.

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