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It was said to be the Ba that is, the spirit of Ra and enabled the creative actions of the sun god Atum. It was also a symbol of rebirth and was therefore associated with Osiris the father and Isis the mother goddess. Another similar discussion — focused on water in the universe — was held on April 7, , also in Washington D. At the same time, NASA also released an info graphic outlining evidence for or indications of water on a number of worlds in our solar system.

Those worlds with possible water include the dwarf planet Ceres, now being orbited by the Dawn spacecraft, a world with two mysterious bright spots that might be icy plumes. This month, NASA announced that it was moving forward with plans to send a spacecraft to study Europa, which was found recently to have salt water in the dark fractures on its surface. With all of this interest in extra-terrestrials and possible life and discovery, the question is why NASA insists on shutting down its live feed whenever something unidentified decides to bump up next to the ISS or decides to take off from planet earth.

NASA is good at taking down live feeds, but is becoming worse at covering up the fact that they know something is in space. Einstein, along with many, many wise teachers, have all said that the invisible is more important and meaningful than the visible. As a species we are just now evolving into that realization. Most of the rest of us still believe in only what our five senses can convey despite the fact that when we touch, or pick up an object we are holding mostly empty space.

Evolved aliens would likely have grown beyond our archaic and erroneous idea that the material world is all that really matters. That being the case, we might well be having visitations on any number of levels and be completely unaware of them. An accidental hook up or discovery would be kept close to the vest until the technocracy felt it was appropriate to reveal the data.

The bright and apparently hovering lights were captured in the sky in the Astrakhan region of Russia at dusk. Onlookers who recorded the footage were puzzled by the fact what appeared to be elongated orbs of light clustered near each other appeared to be static.

And when the camera panned out they appeared to be hovering over a road by a lake in empty countryside. More sceptical observers debated whether they were just Chinese lanterns or a flare. There is more than five minutes of recorded footage and the lights appear to flicker and, at one stage, even twirl during the video.

There is most definitely something strange captured here. The differences noted are the length of the video, background images shown, as well as some zoom in and out of the object s. A lot of UFOs have grainy 30 second clips that put the whole thing in question right off the bat. Russian UFO Footage What is your opinion on this object? Latest UFO report submitted. Incident occurred on at AM. Viewed unobstructed from my front deck overlooking the valley after watching television early one evening, about an hour after dark.

First time, my wife was on the deck and called me outside to see the orbs — then we heard the jets fly over our area going toward the orbs. Front Porch where the sighting took place no UFO in this photo. Appeared 1, then 2, then 4, then 3, then 2 then 3, then vanished one after another; with the 1st orb pausing, then vanishing after the others. Both times the 1st set of two fighter jets appeared shortly after the orbs appeared.

The jets were moving at high speed sub-sonic toward the orbs, about 1 minute apart, from west to east directly overhead at my location. As the jets appeared to arrive near the orbs they vanished one at a time. The jets made a wide turn from eastbound and headed to the south and left the area.

The third sighting on 11 May at approximately to pm MST was unique. High thin clouds, night sky. Same orange-yellow orbs — same size, distance, and location in the sky east of my location in Alto, NM. Again, two jets were heard heading west to east overhead possibly from Holloman AFB at high speed sub-sonic t toward the orbs, roughly 1 minute separation. As the 2 jets approached, the stationary orbs once again vanished in sequence, with 1 orb pausing, then it vanished last, after the others.

They did not move. They simply appeared, one or two vanished for a short period, reappeared, then they all vanished for good — in no particular sequence. Still during the ongoing third sighting, as the jets sped east towards Roswell and soon were out of sight and sound range , two of the original orbs re-appeared in the same location as before — stationary and silent.

It appeared as though the two jets moving eastward must have made a wide, right-hand turn and re-approached the orbs from the south moving northward at same high speed sub-sonic. Two additional jets then appeared in the far northern sky estimated over Vaughn, NM area moving south towards Ruidoso, NM again, not in formation at a high rate of speed sub-sonic and with about a 1 minute separation estimated 2 to 4 miles apart like the first pair.

The 1st pair of jets had done the same throughout the event. A 3rd orbs became visible in the same stationary position as the other two to the east-southeast of my location. Then, all of a sudden, two more orange-yellow orbs of the same size and brilliance, and due northwest of the the other orbs, appeared 90 to degrees west of my location — now there were a total of 5 orbs at two different locations in the sky. They too, appeared suddenly one first, then the second — not simultaneously — but about 5 seconds apart due north of my location — and those 2 orbs sat stationary at approximately the same altitude as the other orbs but at a degree angle from my location.

The second pair of jets that were arriving southbound from the north veered west, as the first pair of jets veered off eastward over the Captain Mountains, once again toward Roswell. Each pair of jets were moving in opposite direction.

It was a tight vertical circle estimated at 2-miles in diameter. The speed they were moving was impossible in my experience — it was an amazing display! There is no drone or vehicle known in my experience that could do what those two orbs did.

The four jets remained in the area a few minutes after the orbs vanished. Two of them returned northward from the direction they first came; the first two jets to appear on scene, moved Southwest as though headed toward Holloman AFB. The entire event from first sighting the orbs until all the jets were gone and drifted off in the distance detected by sound lasted about minutes or less.

Once again the sky went silent. I noted that on the first pass by all 4 jets they were sub-sonic and displayed no lights. As they came near to the orbs say 3 to 5 miles away they displayed safety blinking lights for the remainder of the event.

There was absolutely no sound from the orbs. They appeared, moved, stopped in stationary position, then rotated, and vanished with no sound whatsoever. My wife witnessed the first sighting — in fact, she called my attention to it.

She was not present to witness the 2nd and 3rd events. Next time, I will try to film the event if it happens again. The public rarely hears about interactions between military personnel and unexplained aircraft — especially during wartime. As time goes on, however, UFO stories stuck behind red tape begin to see the light of day. One close encounter, in , involved the crew of an American patrol boat that reported two glowing circular craft following them in the demilitarized zone that separated North and South Vietnam see depiction below.

The crew aboard a second patrol boat later reported seeing the UFOs over the first boat and a flash of light, followed by an explosion that completely destroyed the boat. These Vietnam reports included close observation of the unknown aerial craft which appeared to house pilots see recreation image at the top of this story. George Filer. While in Vietnam, Filer — who had a top secret clearance — gave daily briefings to Gen.

George S. Brown, deputy commander for air operations in Vietnam. So, obviously, it has a technology far in advance of anything we have. There was always this part of UFOs that, if you got too interested, it could mess up your career. And this is true today even with commercial pilots. The were called enemy helicopters. And they were only seen at night and they were only seen in certain places.

And this resulted in quite a little battle. And in the course of this, an Australian destroyer took a hit and we never found any enemy, we only found ourselves when this had all been sorted out. And this caused some shooting there, and there was no enemy at all involved, but we always reacted.

Many stories about battling UFOs have emerged throughout history. During World War II, also in Germany, Allied aircraft pilots often reported mysterious glowing, fast-moving, circular lights, which were dubbed Foo Fighters. Filer — who documents his sightings and other UFO news at the National UFO Center site — was one of several military eyewitnesses to something extraordinary in the sky over England.

It was , and he was the navigator on a refueling tanker. We had just finished up our refueling mission, so we said sure, and they cleared all the traffic around us and gave us top priority as we descended towards the UFO. All they really had was a very large radar return, but it was much bigger than a normal aircraft.

Filer pictured at right recalled how his radar scope indicated the UFO was as big as the huge Firth of Forth Bridge in Scotland that he and his crew often used as a regular navigation point. We picked up this huge radar return while we were still about 30 miles out. It was dark out and when we got much closer to the object, we saw lights around it, outlining the shape of a cylinder, like a cruise ship. It then just quickly rose and went up into space.

One of those hold onto your hats is a man who claims he was in the Marines wait for it… and that he was stationed on Mars for several years. The images of Hangar 1 that appear in the series are of the real hangar. The witness first noticed a pulsating object the night of March 18, while letting his dogs outside. The witness started to watch it with the naked eye, trying to determine what is was.

After a few minutes it was realized that it was not a plane or helicopter. This is when a camera was introduced and the following images and videos were taken. This object has been returning almost every night to generally the same area, near Okotoks, in Alberta Canada. The UFO appears in frame and seems to fade in and out, unsure if this is the object itself, or the focus of the camera lens.

Good high resolution photos were taken. It would be helpful to know what type of camera was used, and what settings were on when the photo was taken as well. This would be a useful data point in the reporting database I believe. There is a lack of reference points in these pictures and video, but they are interesting, none the less.

So many UFO sightings get muddied along the way. In something fell from the sky, a brilliant fireball with the flash being seen in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Grass fires broke out, including one just outside Kecksburg, in south-west Pennsylvania as, whatever it was, came to earth.

In Lapper, Mich. James Romansky, 57, of Derry Township was then a 19 year old firefighter. He told the Associated Press that he was among those who drove to the landing site. I always referred to it as something like the ancient hieroglyphics. Source: Beaver County Times — Dec 7, Going back to , Sheriff Kenneth A Parks previously mentioned only admitted that his men found some pieces of shiny metallic foil, each four to six inches long and about a quarter inch wide.

No conclusions can be made from the above — but there is no doubt much more information to be found on the Internet if interested. For more interesting and unusual stories like this go to 67 Not Out — coincidences, synchronicity, UFOs, reincarnation and many other mysteries. JUNE 19, …….. While driving home from northern BC between Quesnel and Williams Lake on Highway 97 on June 19, I spotted a craft that I initially thought to be a huge kite and pointed it out to my wife.

The highway traveled in a southerly direction and the craft seemed to be paralleling the highway and the Fraser River, the river being approx. As we drove along, the object was traveling nearly at our speed of 60 mph and seemed to be across the river another mile or more. We had a very good view of the object and there was a trailing apparatus below the craft and it appeared to be of a very heavy chain or cable with a little larger object at its trailing end.

The trailing cable was at about a 35 degree angle from the bottom of the craft. It seemed to be somewhat transparent through the viewfinder and with the binoculars, but was clearer with the naked eye. The trailing tail looked to be at least two hundred feet or more in length and I now suspected the object at its end was an apparatus that may have been collecting data, for I was now positive it was not a Canadian aircraft of any sort I have seen.

I am a professional land surveyor with over 45 years of experience, and observations are most relevant to that occupation. The photo 1 has some nearby pine trees above the craft, a triangular shape with a definite protrusion at the top and bottom of its rear end and a long, elongated additional wing, if I may, at the bottom of the craft from near the front tapering toward the rear.

There was a bit of a haze look across the valley, but when I first saw the object it appeared much clearer than the photo and was below the main cloud cover. One lower cloud can be seen somewhat, in front of the object. I got back in the car and traveled on southward and thought if I sped up some I could get a little closer and get another photo. But as I sped up, so did the object and the long heavy trailing cable was now at a 50 degree angle, proving it had speeded up also.

T hat tree line on the horizon appeared to me to be two to three miles away and the object appeared to be even further. The tallest trees on that horizon are probably not over ft. I kept up my speed as some lower mountains I would enter would obstruct the view and hoped to see the object again as I neared the top of the hill trending down into Williams Lake, but the craft was never seen again.

Paranormal Crucible stelt in een video op YouTube, die al bijna twee miljoen keer is bekeken, dat het gaat om het puntje van een veel grotere piramide. De foto werd op 7 mei door de Marsrover Curiosity gemaakt. Volgens Paranormal Crucible is er op Mars een piramide van bijna perfecte vorm gevonden, ter grootte van een kleine auto.

Het object is het resultaat van intelligent ontwerp en zeker niet het gevolg van een speling van licht en schaduw, zo klinkt het. Inmiddels heeft NASA zelf gereageerd op de vondst. En net als veel vulkanische rotsen op aarde, kunnen ze afbreken in scherpe, hoekige vormen.

Deze heeft toevallig de vorm van een piramide, iets wat eigenlijk ook niet zo ongewoon is voor harde, dichte vulkanische stenen op aarde. Bell voegde toe dat uit een analyse van het Curiosity-team is gebleken dat de rots niet hoger is dan 10 centimeter, en daarmee net zo groot is als een frisdrankblikje.

Bestaat er leven in andere universa? Over deze vraag heeft een groep astronomen zich gebogen. Ze hebben een paper gepubliceerd waarin ze schrijven dat andere universa veel geschikter kunnen zijn voor leven dan het onze. Het hangt allemaal af van de omstandigheden op het moment dat die universa werden gevormd, aldus de sterrenkundigen. Er is inmiddels veel bewijs dat we in een multiversum leven, waarin net zoveel universa als sterrenstelsels bestaan.

Elk universum wordt waarschijnlijk gekenmerkt door verschillende natuurwetten en eigenschappen. Het gaat dan volgens natuurkundige Fred C. Overal zonlicht. Q beschrijft het verschil tussen dichte en lege gebieden in de ruimte, in dit geval in een universum.

Een hoge Q betekent dat er veel fluctuaties zijn, met extreem dichte gebieden en extreem lege gebieden. In ons universum is Q niet zo hoog, wat verklaart waarom de materie redelijk verspreid is en er grote ruimtes tussen sterren en sterrenstelsels zitten.

Wat als we in een universum met een hoge Q zouden wonen? Het zou er gevaarlijker zijn omdat er veel meer gigantische rondvliegende rotsblokken zouden zijn. En er zouden meer sterren op elkaar botsen. Overal leven. Maar een sterrenstelsel met een hoge Q zou ook veel warmer en bewoonbaarder dan de huidige sterrenstelsels zijn. Je zou dan op een planeet zonder moederster door het sterrenstelsel kunnen reizen en baden in het licht van honderden nabijgelegen sterren.

Dergelijke planeten zouden niet eens een moederster nodig hoeven te hebben om in de bewoonbare zone te liggen. Er zouden miljoenen verdwaalde, bewoonbare planeten kunnen zijn die worden verwarmd door andere sterren. Leven zou overal kunnen ontstaan, zelfs tussen de sterren. Venus en Jupiter zijn vandaag en morgen vlak bij elkaar te zien aan de hemel. De planeten, die in werkelijkheid miljoenen kilometers bij elkaar vandaan staan, bewegen zo dicht langs elkaar dat ze lijken te versmelten.

De twee helderste planeten aan de avondhemel zijn het beste zichtbaar rond Er wordt gesuggereerd dat de twee planeten samen de ster van Bethlehem vormden. De planeten draaien in hetzelfde baanvlak om de zon. Wij bevinden ons ook in dat baanvlak. Terwijl planeten rond de zon draaien zien we ze langs dezelfde lijn aan de hemel bewegen.

Jupiter staat de komende dagen vanaf de aarde bekeken precies achter Venus. De kans dat dat gebeurt is vrij klein. Met een kleine telescoop of krachtige verrekijker kun je Venus en de manen van gasreus Jupiter op een spectaculaire manier in beeld brengen. Venus is de helderste van de twee. Omdat Jupiter 11,8 keer zo groot is als Venus, lijkt het alsof beide planeten ongeveer even groot zijn.

Lawrence werd bekroond met de Pulitzerprijs. Mack is vooral bekend geworden door zijn onderzoek naar de ervaringen van mensen die beweerden te zijn ontvoerd door buitenaardse wezens. Hij was zo ongeveer de enige serieuze wetenschapper die zich met het verschijnsel bezighield. Daarnaast lijkt de Amerikaanse regering er alles aan gelegen te zijn om de zaak stil te houden. Over het waarom van buitenaardse ontvoeringen bestaan allerlei wilde speculaties.

In ruil voor menselijk genetisch materiaal zouden zij de buitenaardse technologie mogen gebruiken voor hun oorlogsindustrie. Als dit waar is, zal niemand hier natuurlijk openlijk voor uitkomen. Nu komen ze vaak helemaal niet meer in de krant te staan. Professor Mack constateerde dat ontvoerden zich de details van hun ontvoering vaak niet herinneren. Onder hypnose lukt het een stuk beter. Dan weten ontvoerden weer precies hoe de wezens eruitzagen.

Ingrijpend en traumatisch. De gevolgen van een buitenaardse ontvoering zijn ingrijpend en traumatisch, vertelde Mack. Dat komt omdat ontvoerden in het ruimteschip vaak worden onderworpen aan intiem lichamelijk onderzoek. Hij zei dat er geestelijk niets mankeerde aan de slachtoffers. Ze waren ten volle bij hun verstand en vertelden hun verhaal met grote overtuigingskracht. Buitenaardse basis in het Andesgebergte, Zuid-Amerika Video. Het voorval vind plaats in de stad Tarma, de hoofdstad van de gelijknamige provincie, en bevindt zich ruim kilometer ten oosten van Lima, in het Andesgebergte.

Zoals we eerder in de week zagen, verschijnen ze regelmatig bij oude monumenten zoals de Piramide van de Zon in Mexico. De video hieronder is opgenomen op 22 juni , heel vroeg in de ochtend. We kunnen duidelijk de zes en soms vijf verschillende lichten onderscheiden.

Je kunt aan de stem van de zoon horen dat hij toch een beetje angstig is. Dit zou ook kunnen verklaren waarom de lichten op dezelfde afstand van elkaar blijven. Interessant is dat de vader ergens tijdens de opname zegt dat hij al 45 jaar lang getuige is geweest van dergelijke objecten. Natuurlijk zijn er altijd mensen die dit soort lichten af doen als Thaise ballonnen, maar dat lijkt niet erg waarschijnlijk, bovendien niet om vijf uur in de ochtend. Wat meer waarschijnlijk is, is dat er zich daar ergens diep verscholen in het Andesgebergte een buitenaardse basis bevindt.

Wij waren toen in de Karpathen in het zuidwesten van Oekraine. Later viel de bruine vlek pas op. Deze is alleen te zien op deze ene foto en niet op de vele honderden ervoor en erna. Naderhand heeft het verschijnsel zich nooit meer voorgedaan. De foto is gemaakt met een semiprof Nikon D spiegelreflex niet op de hoogste resolutie.

Technische gegevens van de foto, zie de EXIF-gegevens. Ik stel uitdrukkelijk dat de foto inzake de bruine vlek NIET bewerkt is. De 2e foto is slechts een uitvergroting. Misschien hebt u een verklaring voor de bruine vlek op de foto? Mocht iemand anders een verklaring hebben dan horen we dat graag. Bronnen: AllUFOs. While riding a bicycle outside, a man witnessed strange lights in the clouds on June 12, Thinking that the appearance of lights in the clouds was so weird, the witness pulled out his phone and started recording.

The man said that he had no idea about the mysterious phenomenon until he did some research when he got home. When the beam disappears in the video for a second, it seemingly moves part of the cloud upwards them comes back. According to a conspiracy theory, HAARP has created clandestine experiments of weather manipulation, which could trigger freak weather phenomena, such as hurricanes, drought, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

However, some researchers believe it was a cloaked UFO, having some fun activities at the top of the cloud. He noticed the light that appears to be curved around a disk at the upper part of the cloud. Some think that the sunset accidentally uncloaked the cloaked UFO. Meteorologists explained that the phenomenon is connected to storm clouds called cumulonimbus clouds. The phenomenon causes these dancing patches of brightness.

However, scientists admitted that more work needs to be done to support further this case. An expert from Cloud Appreciation Society website, Les Cowley, said they need more reliable evidence, cloud-physics modeling, and more measurements before they can hope to come up with a clear explanation. Cowley admitted that they are nowhere near that position.

This happened on 13th March Spectacular Venus-Jupiter conjunction on June Venus is currently about to pass between the sun and Earth. It will sweep some 8 degrees S. Meanwhile, Earth passed between Jupiter and the sun in February, So Jupiter and Venus are nowhere near each other in space.

And yet, as we look outward from Earth, we see these two planets aligned on nearly the same line of sight. Best photos: Venus and Jupiter, west after sunset. Thank you, Mohamad! Not to scale. Chart via Jay Ryan at ClassicalAstronomy. Used with permission. So Venus and Jupiter are not close together in space.

Venus, the second planet outward from the sun, presently resides a little over 0. In contrast, Jupiter, the fifth planet outward, looms way beyond Venus some 6 astronomical units away from Earth. Venus is a small, rocky planet like Earth. Jupiter is a huge gas giant planet. And yet Venus and Jupiter do have things in common. And Jupiter is nearly 12 times farther away from Earth than Venus is tonight. That means, as seen through the telescope, the apparent angular diameters of Venus and Jupiter would appear about equal.

Enjoying EarthSky so far? Sign up for our free daily newsletter today! Jupiter is the biggest one. Venus is the little world to the right of Earth — about the same size as Earth. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, rotates more quickly than any other planet. It spins full circle relative to the backdrop stars in less than 10 hours.

Venus, the sixth largest planet, rotates more slowly than any other solar system planet, rotating full circle relative to the backdrop stars in days. So enjoy Jupiter and Venus tonight! Also, be sure to circle July 18, on your calendar. Venus will be almost in conjunction with the star Regulus, brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion. On July 18, the crescent moon, Venus and Jupiter will all fit within a circle sporting a diameter of less than four degrees approximately two finger-widths at an arms length.

Circle July 18, , on your calendar. This is their closest pairing in the evening sky until August 27, Is it wise to be sending messages to E. T and what would E. Friend or Foe? Its not the first time its been done by far, but with new technology coming available we can send them farther and faster than ever before. The cover of the phonograph record on the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft, which contains an interstellar message encoded on a phonographic record.

Astronomers have been picking up radio waves from outer space and analyzed then since , but nothing tangible ever came out of that. This new plan to send radio messages intends to switch things up and make us more available. But what if we make contact? Lets take a look at both possibilities. No one knows how it would happen, but leading scientists believe that some day we will make contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence.

And if the aliens make it to Earth, they may not come in peace. Sometime in the future — possibly the very near future — the world will go about its business as usual. But at a remote observatory, a space anomaly is reported. Something unusual — and large — appears to be approaching Earth. The first sighting alerts sky-watchers around the world…. The next group to take an interest in the anomaly is military.

US Space Command uses global satellite tracking systems, telescopes and radar to search for any type of airborne or space threat. The object is not natural. Then comes confirmation; in a solar system where every object is constantly in motion, the unknown object stops.

Space Command officials agree that it must be powered. The next step is to establish contact. The UN Office of Outer Space Affairs committee quickly crafts a simple message, transmitted to the spacecraft over television and radio signal. The message is transmitted simultaneously in the most widely spoken languages of the world: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi. Space Command attempts contact using the universal language of mathematics in a sequence of prime numbers.

Cell phone calls are dropped and TV images go out. The aliens have knocked out satellite communication. But, for alien crafts to travel through the stars, they have propulsion technologies beyond physics that we even understand and can evade F missiles fired at twice the speed of sound. Humvees with broadcast dishes target alien crafts with microwaves to jam signals, cyber-attacking invaders. On the ground, a desperate military unleashes experimental weapons like the U.

But experimental weapons are no match. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, a submarine releases a Trident II ballistic missile, carrying nearly 3. The missile breaks apart into eight self-guided warheads. From shielded bunkers and secret locations, surviving military leaders issue orders for a surprising new tactic. Instead of attack, they order their forces to run away.

The invaders control the skies and ground. In the panic to flee, desperate crowds become rioting mobs. Roadways grind to a halt. A successful getaway demands some other form of transportation. For some, safety from aliens and rampaging humans means going underground. Subway tunnels and sewers provide safe exits from burning cities. According to the experts, the destruction of civilization is predictable.

And, it is accounted for in the plans to fight an alien invasion. Among the survivors of Earth — in caves, and forests and deserts — there grows the seeds of rebellion. Urban chaos and failed evacuations kill thousands in the first day. Scavenged supplies, canned food and clean water along with flashlights, batteries and knives become vital. But, the real key to long-term survival is other people.

Surviving groups carry the last remnants of human technology, connecting with simple devices: walkie-talkies, recovered ham radios, and old telegraph lines. With bacteria and disease rampant among survivors deprived of antibiotics and other medicine, humans are provided with another weapon. Living germ warfare units prepare to be harvested — to spread their deadly agent among the invaders. Now imagine 20 years after the Invasion whats left of the Human Race?

The Allegory of the Alien Invasion. The first ships landed twenty years ago. The aliens have been increasing their presence exponentially since then. What we call the A. Alien Era is marked by alien dominance both in terms of the power they exert over us and in their numbers. They now number over ten billion — a population even larger than humanity, hitherto the dominant species. There are hardly any free humans anymore. You see, these aliens like the taste of our flesh disproportionately more than that of other animals on our planet, so they pen us up and are selecting the most docile and muscular of us to breed.

Women are kept pregnant so that they can be milked. Not only do the aliens like human milk, but when they saw what we did with veal calves, they adopted the same behavior, keeping children confined and anemic so that their flesh would become pale and tender.

The aliens are like us in many regards. Physiologically they appear almost mammalian in some senses: they have two eyes, dark fur, a vertebrate structure, and they bleed blue. They also seem to respond to pain in ways similar to us, giving evidence such as grimacing, screaming — what an awful noise that is — and avoiding the source of pain.

They have a language we have not been able to decipher, and sometimes their interactions make it evident that they have telepathic capacities. They have a body language similar to ours, but they refuse to recognize this similarity, and they fail to understand all our attempts at communication. In fact they give no consideration to our social relations, our family times, our romantic desires… we are here to serve their needs.

Since the most impressive specimens are the strongest, the fastest and the smartest — the leaders — those are the ones the alien hunters tend to kill and mount for show. As a result, natural selection is no longer helping our ability to survive in the long term. The fact that the aliens think these bigger pens facilitate our natural species growth is ludicrous.

We know that some of the aliens live off vegetables alone. The aliens are omnivores, and some of them choose not to eat humans. Some domesticated humans report having gone with their owners to rallies of angry aliens marching the streets with pictures of factory-farmed humans on placards. Some of the aliens even cry purple alien tears when they look at the pictures.

They hold their domestic humans close to their huge alien bodies with their alien arms. What I wish is that they all could see it from our perspective, just for a moment. Yes, this is just one theory or scenario. But what many may not be aware of they also have plans for Alien invasions. Many have speculated on the ways in which a friendly civilization might interact with humankind.

A friendly civilization could help humanity in many ways:. Acting only with consent to be a more likely choice than the forceful option. While coercive aid may be possible, and advanced extraterrestrials would recognize their own practices as superior to those of humanity, it may be unlikely that this method would be used in cultural cooperation.

In the best case scenarios put forward, the scientists claim that mankind could swap information to overcome hunger, poverty and disease and more. However, this leaves open speculation as to the specific desires of ET and raises the question of what ethical framework they follow.

Much can be said about ETI ethics. Here we focus on one key aspect: selfishness vs. In rough terms, a selfish ET is one that desires to maximize its own self-interest, whereas a universalist ET is one that desires to maximize the interests of everyone, regardless of which civilization they are part of.

An initial scenario of cooperative ET involves friendly and informative communication between our respective civilizations. Assuming ET are sufficiently interested in humanity which is not guaranteed, given that they would likely be much more advanced , they may choose to maintain communication at length to discuss mathematics, physics, and chemistry and to learn more about Earth life. In a more remarkable and unlikely case, we may learn that ET occupy some region of space where different or unknown physical principles apply, which would certainly be a unique discovery for humanity.

Thus through such a conversation we may come to acquire a deeper understanding of mathematics or science, and we may also discover specifics about the ET home world or ET biology. Other factors that would be affected including Religion, and our hierarchy on the Planet and the Universe,.. One thing is for sure,…It would change everything!!!

And so the phenomenon stretches us, or it asks us to stretch to open to realities that are not simply the literal physical world, but to extend to the possibility that there are other unseen realities from which our consciousness, our, if you will, learning processes over the past several hundred years have closed us off.

John Mack was a Harvard professor, psychiatrist, and Pulitzer Prize recipient. He, like many other academics, became very interested in the alien abduction phenomenon. One can see how this sparked his interest; after all, he was a professor of psychiatry. John Mack was well aware of this evidence, and this is why he is one of the key pioneers of abduction research. And I want to walk through that as clearly as I can. There are aspects of this which I believe we are justified in taking quite literally.

That is, UFOs are in fact observed, filmed on camera at the same time that people are having their abduction experiences. To learn more about the UFO phenomenon you can click here and here. For the most part he considered them to be normal and healthy people who had experienced something mysterious.

Mack had personally interviewed hundreds of supposed abductees, which became the focal point of his book Abduction , published in One of the most interesting cases came from a supposed encounter with over sixty schoolchildren in the town of Ruwa, Zimbabwe, on September 16th The children claim to have seen multiple hovering objects that resembled what we would describe as spaceships.

All sixty of these school children described and offered drawings of these events with remarkable consistency. We published an article a few months ago that goes more in depth on that specific case with pictures, interviews, and more. You can read that article HERE.

You can view him interviewing the children HERE. Through his work, Mack observed most abductees express how they had gained a greater spiritual awareness, or spiritual-type insights, as a result of their experience. He alluded to the idea that contact between human and non human extraterrestrial intelligence could in fact have positive outcomes. He found many commonalities among these reports, and believed people were being completely genuine about what they had experienced. Another one of these similarities was telepathic communication between aliens and abductees, in which he drew the conclusion that this type of communication is part of altering human consciousness.

For example, a lot of this type of telepathic communication like the case mentioned above in Zimbabwe has involved implanting images of environmental disasters, earthquakes, or other major catastrophes. As a result, many abductees have pursued humanitarian paths, trying to shift the direction in which our planet currently seems to be heading.

Another common experience that supposed abductees describe, which Mack outlines in his book, is the process known as hybridization:. He was also taken to an underground facility, where he saw that the alien beings were something like an extended family to him, in the sense that they knew everything about him. Indeed, they knew more about him than any human family would have known.

Scott learned, somehow, that these beings were in the process of changing themselves physically so that they could breath on Earth. This is a key part of the hybridization process, he said. Moreover, even if we perceive something to be cruel, it may be borne of good intentions.

What we seem to have no place for—or we have lost the place for—are phenomena that can begin in the unseen realm, and cross over and manifest and show up in our literal physical world. Also included were statements from a number of academics, researchers, and activists. They gave their testimony to several former members of the United States Congress.

Roger Leir, who was a doctor of podiatric medicine, and arguably the best known individual with regards to extracting alleged alien implants. He has performed more than fifteen surgeries that removed sixteen separate distinct objects. These objects have been investigated by several prestigious laboratories, including Los Alamos National Laboratories, New Mexico Tech, and many others.

Unfortunately, he passed away in March , but his legacy lives on. Just imagine the possibilities out there. Leading Astronomers and Scientists have stated that Advanced alien life is possible in 50 galaxies,, after finding they are emitting unusually high levels of radiation. Just as Planet Earth sends heat and light deep out into space, researchers say a similar signature would be emitted by other advanced civilisations. And after scouring , galaxies they have come across 50 which hold promise.

After scouring , galaxies they have come across at least 50 which hold promise. Theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson originally proposed in the s that advanced alien civilizations beyond Earth could be detected by the tell tale evidence of their mid-infrared emissions. It was not until space-based telescopes like the WISE satellite that it became possible to make sensitive measurements of this radiation emitted by objects in space.

This pilot study is just the beginning. The team also found new phenomenon in our very own galaxy, The Milky Way. Among the exciting discoveries are a bright nebula around the nearby star 48 Librae, and a cluster of objects easily detected by WISE in a patch of sky that appears totally black when viewed with telescopes that detect only visible light. P Summary. This is an exciting discovery and who knows what advanced civilizations lie out there in an infinite Universe!

But one things for sure, if Aliens out there are far more advanced than us then they WILL know where we are in space and probably have for a very long time! Perhaps we are like a sight seeing holiday for Aliens out there?!

P joke. Supreme court forces German parliament to release expertise on UFOs. So far the Bundestag not only denied public access to this document but also fought and intensive and so far successful legal dispute against its publication. The new court sentence is a big step not only for German UFO-research and disclosure but also for the freedom of information in general. Therefore on should assume that those compiled expertise would be open for public access as well.

But that was not so until the recent verdict. It was up to the administration of the Bundestag to release them — or to restrict access to it. While several journalists got hold of copies the paper, it was not legal to publish it in its full content. Frank Reitemeyer then asked to view the expertise but his access was denied by the administration of the Bundestag — so he went to court.

When he was granted that permission in the first juristically instance, the Bundestag administration successfully appealed on points of law. Since then the lawsuit went through all instances and the Bundestag administration even asked a renowned a big law firm to compile a legal opinion which under normal conditions costs about That the opposite is in fact the case has been shown my the work on many German UFO-researchers and journalists before who uncovered secret documents that demonstrate that — of course — also German official bodies not only have an interest but also conducted — and most likely still conduct — investigation into unidentified flying objects.

It can be assumed that they also include much information on all sorts of topics never accessed by the public before. Pas bien loin…. Imaginez des jumeaux, Marc et Annie. The Royston Cave is an artificial cave in Hertfordshire, England. It is not known who created the cave or what it was used for, but there has been much speculation.

Some believe that it was used by the Knights Templar. Others believe it may have been an Augustinian store mine. Another theory is that it was a Neolithic flint mine. None of these theories have been substantiated, and the origin of the Royston Cave remains a mystery.

Royston cave was discovered in August in Royston. A worker was digging holes to build footing for a new bench at a market. He discovered a millstone while he was digging, and when he dug around to remove it, he found the shaft leading to the cave. When the cave was discovered, it was half-filled with dirt and rock.

Efforts were made to remove the dirt and rock, which was subsequently discarded. Some believed that treasure would be found within Royston cave. However, removal of the dirt did not reveal any treasure. There were sculptures and carvings found within. Detail of Royston Cave, Royston, Hertfordshire.

Wikimedia , CC. The sculptures found within are believed to be about years old. It is likely that the sculptures were originally colored, although due to the passage of time only very small traces of color remain visible. The images are mostly religious, depicting St. Catherine, the Holy Family, the Crucifixion, St. Lawrence holding the gridiron on which he was martyred, and a figure holding a sword who could either be St. George, or St. Holes located beneath the sculptures appear to have held candles or lamps which would have lit the carvings and sculptures.

Public Domain. One of the main theories as to the origin of Royston cave is that it was used by the Knights Templar prior to their dissolution by Pope Clement V in Some believe that the cave had been split into two levels using a wooden floor. Figures near a damaged section of the cave depict two knights riding a single horse, which may be the remains of a Templar symbol.

Architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner has written that the date of the carvings "is hard to guess. They have been called Anglo-Saxon, but are more probably of various dates between the C14 and C17 the work of unskilled men. Another theory is that Royston cave was used as an Augustinian store house. From the 12th century, Royston in Hertfordshire was a center of monastic life and the Augustinian priory continued without break there for nearly years.

It has been said that local Augustinian monks used Royston cave as a cool storage space for their produce and as a chapel. One theory suggests Augustinian monks used Royston cave as a storehouse. Wikimedia Commons. Finally, some speculate it may have been used as a Neolithic flint mine as early as 3, BC, where flint would have been gathered for making axes and other tools. However, the chalk in this area only provides small flint nodules, generally unsuitable for axe making, so this may cast some doubt on this theory.

To this date there remains much mystery as to who created Royston cave and for what purpose. It is always possible that whichever group originally created the cave may have abandoned it at some point, allowing it to be used by another group. The mystery surrounding the cave and the sculptures within makes the cave an interesting location for visitors who would like to speculate as to the origins of this ancient wonder.

Royston cave has required regular maintenance and restoration, as it was discovered that insect larvae and worms were damaging the walls and structure of the cave. By August , work to prevent such damage was deemed successful. Hopefully subsequent repair work to pipes to avoid flooding, and other work to prevent vibration damage from the traffic above, will help to preserve the cave into the future. Featured image: The mysterious and elaborately carved walls of Royston Cave.

Royston Cave — Wikipedia. Royston Cave. By M R Reese. Of course, there must only be one rational explanation - Nasa was trying their best to prevent us knowing about a mysterious alien race. Well, not quite. The most likely explanation is much more mundane, with the sudden blackout caused by either a camera glitch or a fragment of space debris. Scroll down for video.

Washington-based Nasa cut away from a live ISS stream the other day. The agency often cuts away to change cameras or when it's out of range. But some conspiracy theorists claimed to have seen UFOs in the video. And they claim Nasa ended the stream to prevent people seeing the 'aliens'.

The object is seen in the red ring. Watching the video, a small speck of light can be seen very faintly in the distance rising from the atmosphere. The video then replays the footage but zooms in, showing what seem to be two rotating dots rising from the atmosphere. The video then replays the footage but zooms in, showing what seem to be two rotating dots rising from the atmosphere, shown here. First, the quality of the video is extremely low.

The two specks of light could simply be a glitch in the footage, or a glint of sunlight. It could also be some space debris orbiting Earth, or even a satellite. And the timing of Nasa switching off the video, while unfortunate, is certainly not on purpose; Nasa often switches cameras or temporarily turns off the feed.

This can be for a number of reasons, such as the station moving out of range of ground stations. Construction of the ISS began on 20 November It supports a crew of up to six, with crews typically split into groups of three.

The station orbits at a height of about miles km. It has a total mass of about , pounds ,kg and has living space roughly equivalent to a five-bedroom house. It completes an orbit of Earth every It has now been in space for more than 6, days, during which time it has completed more than 92, orbits of Earth, and has been continuously occupied for more than 14 years.

Shown is the screen Nasa displays when it is switching cameras, or when the ISS is out of range. Citing the 'near-perfect design and shape', they argue the 'pyramid' is evidence that an ancient civilisation once lived on the red planet. While the pyramid is believed to be 'car-sized', alien-hunters say it may be just the tip of a much larger structure buried beneath.

The pyramid, though, is almost certainly just a chance shaping of a rock on the red planet that happens to look vaguely similar to something familiar to us on Earth. Read more:. A visitor from beyond the stars? The standing stones of Stonehenge are a bit of a hotspot for UFO sightings — possibly related to the fact that the site is a Mecca for Druids and other weirdos. Last month, a UFO visited the site, just days before the Summer Solstice, when loads of hippies descend on the site to get smashed out of their minds on hallucinogenic drugs.

A huge black disc visited the Wiltshire monument, according to UFO Sightings Blog , hovering briefly over the stones before returning to the stars. Probably a bird. The conjunction of the two planets has been building during the month of June and will culminate in a spectacular display on June A conjunction is when two or more objects appear very close together on the sky. On the evening of June 30, Venus and Jupiter will appear in the sky just a third of a degree apart. The two planets will appear nearly as the same size, but Jupiter, though much larger in reality, is much farther away….

Pat Hartigan, an astronomer at Rice University, says the conjunction on June 30 is the best one we will have for over a decade, rivaled only by one on March 1, , which will not be not quite as close. So where and when should we look for it? Look to the west-northwest as soon as it gets dark, says Dr. They are bright. You might mistake them for airplanes. Is this a significant astronomical event?

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Again my boy still has a version with this doll when he first got it a few years ago it had been an instant hit. I am caring seeing my daughter enjoy with a model she is assured in together with youngsters in her category and confident with.

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Likewise, for document, the present Lehigh Acres Fire Section is relaxing on greater than 8. Just as many of the cities in Southwest Florida Acres is growing quickly. You can be shown by me how ownership at Resort Membership is some Lehigh Acres Real Estate of the most economical timeshare ownership you may actually contemplate getting - from change viewpoint or the particular use. This might also lower possibility to solve one critical concern the citizens of Acres would not must access money to build fire areas.

But I really couldnot support but realize that the spot thought such as a real ghost town while working for a nearby governmental strategy when I approved through Lehigh in The Valley International Airport offers both personal and commercial atmosphere facilitites.

In the s, a marketing tycoon named Ratner, who owned almost all of Fort Myers' undeveloped property east, chose to convert his expansive ranch into among the first real estate developments that were significant in Florida. The people who own there realize that since they appreciate great trades besides use of the home here in Acres. House prices have dropped about 40 per cent since the industry.

This coupled with the projected long lasting absence has spurred renewed sales of Acres property. Acres is just a 60, acre area that offers residing to accommodate many lifestyles - flats, family residences, golf course villas, townhouses and much more. Resort Club is composed of 10 timeshare product structures, Lehigh Acres Real Estate a Club, swimming and tennis Several and intricate different features and services for visitors and entrepreneurs to savor.

It is as a result of his foresight that Acres is among the most sensible, thriving neighborhood it's today. Just a couple of the bank that was today -held lots are well-kept; the rest could double as intricate dioramas of local flora. Without any legal notice that was presented with for the hearth panels clerk and since there was no appropriate notice posted concerning this assembly at the fire properties in Acres. Lehigh Acres got when Chicago businessman Lee Ratner required a tax protection its start in the mid's.

When I've loved it for many years as an owner myself, I recognize the worth of Resort Team control. I'll help the new key for your great of Lehigh Acres but I really and whole heartedly believe Weiss might have been the higher, rational option since not simply does he have the schooling, nevertheless the technique he presents himself for the community, the advertising also to additional political entities that will impact the center absolutely.

While the President of the Lehigh Acres Watchdog, Inc, I'd like to appreciate the Chairwoman Corridor on future tactic that is correct and her determination into these problems that result numerous of the inhabitants in Lehigh Acres. The north west artwork and wellbeing network is shifting - bending and evolving with the times - still with its feet firmly on the ground in the north of england, but responsive to the many international voices that get in touch.

I've had the privilege to meet and write about Indian legend Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and his sons several times l ink. And music is being used by some of the very most recent music neuroscience research as something to better understand, and also call, language- based learning disabilities. The last section of the day was split into parallel dialogue sessions, one looking at community musicians and training from a UK standpoint, using a presentation from MusicLeader, and event organisations the other focusing on the chance for a network or networks for community music in Europe, headed by Ben Higham from Community Music East.

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Cost range depends upon location, condition, furnish of size and the unit of your home. Singapore Airlines SIA did not send us everywhere but home when we landed in Changi after our long-haul flights. The race to look for prize prices for stock exchanges globally is shaping up to be a contest between Qatar and Dubai, who are vying to be the fiscal hub in the Gulf. Among the things which I adore is listening in the open air, especially classical music.

The delegates were subsequently given the opportunity to network amongst themselves in the market, a practical session for delegates to really have a opportunity to meet like minded organisations and individuals, approach possible project partners and propose exchanges and project ideas.

Previously decade there has been a growing curiosity about social battle and music both inside and outside academia. Moreover, Patel says music neuroscience research has important implications regarding the function of music in the lives of young children. The question, according to shrink Nadine Gaab, is not merely whether music education has beneficial effects on young brains. Lam says music is a part of her school's core program because it teaches pupils to strive for quality in all areas of the lives — and because it gets results.

Thought event organisations leader Simmi Bhatia works diligently to find creative methods to create Indian classical music relevant to a new generation. At the same time, the increasing popularity of Bollywood music frequently overshadows the classics. He did become strong in the music business, but never came close to the standards set by Presley. When a general cleaning of the aircon unit will not aircon servicing deals improve the state this service becomes necessary.

The benefit of an annual contract is that you are assured of ensuring that you're breathing cleaner air throughout every season, so preventing unit failure, enhancing its operation, and not missing out on scheduled maintenance. Buyers and Sellers on real estate info and investigations over Singapore property market.

Really, Mr Mink Tan points out this wave like canopy is maybe the first of its type in Singapore. Although I've stayed all over the world within my globe-trotting, I've rarely checked into a hotel in Singapore. Lately, I spoke with SAMAA's executive director and founder, Simmi Bhatia, who has a passion for music and has emerged as among the lineup releases leading advocates for preserving this early, famed music that continues to get relevance in today's world. Harrison took a crash course in the instrument, which the group comprised into their own music.

In precisely the same time, the rising popularity of Bollywood music often overshadows the classics. He did become strong in the music industry, but never came close to the standards set by Presley. The problem in sustaining funds may be similar from what music educators are facing.

Patel says that music neuroscience, which draws on music education, cognitive science and neuroscience, can help answer fundamental questions about the workings of the human brain. Music is taught by Paulo Andrade. All donations generated from the event will assist those two organisations using future projects and their various existing. Require a doctor for your own air conditioner?. For many type of services, please phone Alan Ho for more info or booking of an appointment.

Keppel Bay New Condo is a residential and industrial zone which holds active ports, mills, private condominiums and exclusive villas. According to your properties' location and state, we can tell your valuation prices to boost And we can give you valuable advices that will help you to enhance your valuation cost on lastest transaction record update system HDB value everymonth. Aircon substance wash includes a very thorough overhaul of the air conditioning unit.

Advice is provided by this aircon repair service to customers on the price of repair for air conditioner malfunctions. MEASURE 30 : we'll keep tracking of the renters' particulars' cogency so that you can make sure they're lawfully remaining in Singapore.

James Power Station is gunning to be a night entertainment power station by tying up with the two coming integrated resorts IR in Singapore. Buyers and Sellers on real estate info and analyses over Singapore property market. Really, Mr Mink Tan points out that this wavelike canopy is perhaps the first of its kind in Singapore. Grattons that is nous, Je gratte, tu grattes, il gratte, vous grattez, ils grattent?

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