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Get the books at your preferred ebook retailer, for FREE, no strings attached. The Brotherhood [Mariposa Book 2] by TL Schaefer. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences provides eBooks in different areas of research. Review our selection to find what you are looking for. Read and listen Soeliok | The Breath of the Earth. Directly from the site and without downloading anything. The innovative fusion between ebook and audiobook. BADSTUBER TORRENTZ Web filter profile without error is create overrides. One session gets likely you may made to your. Also, maybe you old Jaguar days to date with your browser as news, software discounts, that using the. Set passwords for to be a.

A wounded alien warrior with a dark past. A woman determined to protect her heart. Super hot, sexy and out of this world! Keywords: Mates, super steamy, SF romance! Ash Planet Warriors by V. Guardian by W. May Alone and hunted—with no idea where to turn or who to trust—Amber finds herself connecting with Raven, a young woman who claims to know her history. The kicker: according to Raven, Amber is an alien princess exiled to Earth by a civil war that claimed the lives of her entire family.

To regain her past and go home, she needs to find a relic hidden somewhere in the very mountains Stass claimed to have rescued her from. An Alien Rescue by Calla Zae A stunning star-being rescues Emma, and his honesty and protection stirs her heart in a way that echoes the love she has always wanted. Valor [Unconquered Stars, 1] by Zelda Knight Caught in the crosshairs of an intergalactic power struggle, Valerie Sabiti ekes out a fragile existence alongside her nephew, Aibek.

Fated Mates of the Kalixian Warriors Collection: Books by Presley Hall Smart and sassy human women find true love with their alien warrior mates in this exciting sci-fi romance collection! This set contains three full-length standalone sci-fi romance books, featuring bronze skinned alien warriors who will make you swoon. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and happily ever afters guaranteed!

Can a burly alien warrior and a single mom find love together on a planet far from Earth? Holmes with Zelda Knight An alien warrior smashes through Kimani's office window and rescues her from the bodysnatchers taking over her workplace. His name is Specimen-One and he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

But he's an alien, and he wants something, and I have a sinking feeling that something is me Summoning Their Elementalist Looking For Group by Shannon Pemrick After obtaining lifesaving cybernetics, Shira lost her modeling career, her dating life, and her confidence. As a result, she has three rules she never breaks. However, her VR gaming partners make it difficult to keep those rules from crumbling. Stuck on a massive estate where she has no family or friends, Jules decides to unlock the Kedrant magic that is her heritage.

Forbidden to do so, she must conceal the rituals that will liberate her heart and soul. Major domo Xane has been trusted to safeguard her from her dangerous impulses. Archangel Down Archangel Project. Book One. Gockel Commander Noa Sato doesn't believe in aliens. She's wrong. Fortunately, aliens believe in her. This Hyrrokin is scary AF and his eight-year-old son looks just like him. Then I was abducted. By aliens. Freaking aliens!

What the hell? Big muscles everywhere, handsome, winged and with a burning desire to eat me. She needs to save her best friend. In a lonely universe, what they really need is each other, but a warlord has other ideas. Celeste Ballatine crash-landed on what should have been an uninhabited planet.

Aliens that are more lion than man rescue her, but their goodwill comes at a price: forced matehood. Can Celeste keep her heart guarded and still convince him to help her find her lost crew? One problem. No one told her aliens would be so damn sexy.

Sometimes, it crash lands. Raze is a cyborg who just wants to be left alone No surprise I got fired. Fascinating, beautiful, deadly, Seers exist totally outside her world until a male seer enters her life and completely upends it. The first chapter in an epic, soul-crushing, psychic romance that can get dark, dark, dark… but also contains a lot of light.

Hunted by Theresa Beachman Wrong planet. Bad Timing. Right man. Instead, we crashed on an alien planet with too many dangers to count. The oaths of loyalty they made to others as children prevents them from ever being together. Now, they must fight their mutual attraction and not let anyone know.

Not even each other. Keywords: Dystopian, friends to lovers, alpha male protector, set in the future, can be read as a stand-alone. Draekon Pirate by Lili Zander I thought human women were fragile and helpless. Then I met Diana. Who knifed me the first time we met.

Succumb to the Storm by Riley Onyx I crashed on a supposedly uninhabited planet during a routine survey flight. Reaper units usually find the unfindable. On this mission, I end up finding the impossible: my fate-mate. Don't miss these killer deals. Romantic Suspense. Cruel Warrior by M. Until now. Only feisty and determined NYPD detective Viktoria keeps getting in his way…and is slowly working her way into his heart. Secure Desire Chase Security 1 by R. Dunn Will Ian and Cassie get their second chance at love, or will her secret destroy them both?

And if our jacked-up hearts start calling the shots, someone will get killed. Keywords: small town romantic suspense, military romance, badass female heroes and the men who can't help but love them. Desires ignite in this sexy romantic suspense! Imagine waking up on a deserted island not knowing how you got there or how you'll ever get back to civilization. With only each other to count on, things heat up fast in this twisty, action-packed romantic thriller.

Unfortunately, he awakens sleeping enemies in this dark romantic suspense series. Scavengers by Yolanda Olson Three friends go on a road trip for the ultimate birthday celebration. Billionaire CEO. Notorious womanizer.

And a man hell bent on burying the past. Sparks fly, but will the close proximity change Lauren and Gabe's minds about love? Keywords: Romantic suspense, interracial romance, bwwm romance, grumpy hero, workplace romance. Factory Mechanic by olivia rigal Kyla Cars are my thing. I tune them up and I drive them. Hard and fast. Fast enough to leave any police driver in the dust, anywhere in the world. But no car is fast enough to outrun a nuclear disaster. It'd be great if he weren't my one night stand.

Can he get revenge without breaking her heart—or losing his own? Being with him is addictive until their pasts collide and he becomes the most dangerous man in her life. Fall in love with a hero today. Stacking the Deck The Kings: Wild Cards, Book 1 by Charlie Cochet Fitz and Jack discover their connection has only grown stronger over time, thanks in part to meddling friends, but just as they start to pick up where they left off, someone takes exception to their reunion.

With the odds stacked against them, can Jack and Fitz win a battle against an unknown enemy, or will Jack lose Fitz forever? Can Luca continue to protect Finch while he works to uncover the Family traitor working against the Morellis? Meena's Haiku-writing pen pan is totally devoted, and totally freaking her out. Can she and her army Paratrooper, Kaleb, stop her stalker and find love? Sixteen years later, a law enforcement conference brings Kyle back to San Antonio and puts him right in the path of his old flame.

Reckless Benson Security Book 1 by Janet Elizabeth Henderson When an investigation requires former Army Ranger Dimitri to work with reckless beauty Megan, he finds his skills — and his self-control — pushed to the limit. Can he protect Megan from their common enemies, and from herself, when her proximity drives him wild?

Hatch a plan, of course. It's not a battle I would wish on my worst enemy, much less a beauty like Brianna. All she wants it's freedom, and I'm prepared to help no matter the cost. Return by Meli Raine On a dark, rainy night I drove my overstuffed junker car back to a town I never expected to see again. And when I needed a rescue by the side of the road, a six-foot tall piece of hot, unfinished business named Mark was what the universe sent me.

Taking what they want and decimating anything that stands in their way. Sins of the Flesh by Natasha Raulerson A veteran Army cowboy, a tattoo artist with a tragic past, and a stalker who will stop at nothing to immortalize her. A romantic suspense featuring a strong heroine, found family, and overcoming past tragedy. She was a force of nature that I wasn't ready for. But she has to be willing to reveal her raw edges—and trust that my own are a perfect fit.

Scott was caught in an IED explosion and needs some time to think. A mix-up at the rental agency means Jenny and Scott are both renting the small cottage, and there's only one bed He's ruthless. Can they tolerate a reunion and survive a killer in the midst?

Torment by Angel Devlin When Deacon meets Mia he realises she's the perfect weapon in his vendetta against his father. He'll do whatever it takes to use her—no limits. But Mia isn't the pushover he thinks she is Stolen Risk Aegis Group Task Force 1 by Sidney Bristol Thrown together, Tabby and Jamie must put aside their differences and ignore their chemistry if they're going to get to the bottom of an international theft. But each clue leads them further down the rabbit hole and time is running out.

He wants an uncomplicated assignment. A celebrity stalker derails both their plans. A Dance too Far by H. A mutual lust brings them closer. Load up on free Interlude Blue Phoenix series by Luci Hart A heartbroken Sky leaves her cheating boyfriend for a holiday escape and crashes into gorgeous British rocker Dylan.

The unlikely match start an all-consuming, secret romance—but can their summer fling survive when they're forced back into their differing realities? The Puck Drop Central State 1 by Jaqueline Snowe She's just a data nerd and he's a former hockey player, so when they get paired up to work together under her dad, Michael knows Naomi is off-limits. And Nicole Kennedy is a problem he can't seem to solve.

Too Many Rock Stars by Candy J Starr I didn't ask to get stuck in a crazy love triangle -- and I sure as hell didn't put myself up as a prize in a rock competition -- but when it becomes the only way to save my job, and the job of my friends, I can't say no.

Now my biggest problem is too many rock stars. The Roommate by Lexy Timms I'm invisible on campus - a girl nobody would look at twice - broke, but desperate to break out of my shell, I've agreed to take in a roommate. A girl named Casey - except, turns out Casey isn't a girl at all. He's the hottest guy I've ever seen and now I'm living with a guy for the first time in my life, and I want him so bad it hurts. A beautiful trainer who enjoys making my life hell.

The Playmaker by Cathryn Fox I needed to learn about the game, and he was down with a concussion. One that involved showing me his off-ice plays. Get a taste of all of Ember's sizzling New Adult series in this limited time collection. The last thing movie star Bryan needs is a ready-made family, and the last thing widow Beth and her five kids need is the glare of publicity, so there's no way these two should get together. Except the one thing they both need is Just Love Me 1 by C.

A sensual forbidden romance with all the feels, heat, and humor to keep you turning the pages late into the night. Fighter's Heart by A. The MMA superstar everyone loves to hate. She is the hometown girl that has sworn off long distance relationships.

When sparks fly both of their rules of jeopardized. Which will break first - their rule or their hearts. Aaron's Heart is book two in the small town Lake Hope Romance series and may be read as a standalone. Until London. Neighbor, best friend - that was all Jacob thought of Beth until she kissed him and stole his heart. What do they have in common? All of these were the turning points for the men in this collection as they were trying to figure out their lives and stumbled into love instead.

Greg Abrams needs to toe the line if he wants his new project to get green-lighted, but when the cute Broadway geek almost literally falls into his life, everything becomes complicated really fast. Dive in for plenty of swoons, lots of laughs, and a guaranteed HEA ending.

He'd never started. Expect to laugh, swoon, and even cry a little in this friends-to-lovers twist on The Frog Prince. A Very Mountain Man Valentine's Day by Shaw Hart I was hooked on Rory from the very first email and I've only fallen for her more in the last six months but I know that there's no way that she could love me.

Not with my hulking size and the scars that run down the left side of my face and body. When she shows up on my doorstep, I'm shocked but now that she's here. I tell her to get down but she disobeys, earning her an onstage punishment. I've got a new job for her, I'll be her grumpy new boss. This new adult romance will make you weepy but the guaranteed HEA will mend your heartache.

Twitter is about to explode! Then he meets popstar Eva Lidell and everything changes. But how can Will fall in love with a woman determined to occupy the same spotlight that nearly ruined his life? A billion dollars later, and I want her back.

The problem is Until she meets hers What the…. Hello Kitty Kat! But can she risk a secret fling without getting her heart broken again? Bring her out of her comfort zone, and into my bed where I can show her the only pounds that matter are the ones I give her with my hips. Miller Quirky, sexy, hilarious small town billionaire goodness!

In the Small Town Billionaires Box Set, you'll get four full-length hilarious and swoony small town romantic comedies featuring the hottest billionaires taking the Midwest backwoods by storm. Smyth Abandoned by family. Forgotten by friends. Found by three boys and a cat. Season Starter Summer Loving by A. Daniels The last time I saw the guy of my dreams, he fired me. Have you seen Beckett Jameson? A cruise is the perfect place to confront their past so they can more forward hopefully together.

Off Campus Bend or Break 1 by Amy Jo Cousins After his father is convicted of running a ponzi scheme that dominated the gossip rags, all Tom Worthington wants to do is fly under the radar and hide out in his dorm single. What he doesn't want is an unexpected angry roommate, who also thought he was getting a single room.

Reese can try to drive Tom out by banging every other guy on campus in their room, but he can't make Tom confront feeling about his own sexuality for the first time in years Find yourself in Be prepared for Hocus Pocus shenanigans, Practical Magic aesthetic, Southern goodness, small-town Sweet Magnolias vibes, and relatable characters.

One doesn't expect to find love with a high school crush. Another isn't prepared to find the strength she needs to take control of her life. And none of them are ready for the secrets they'll uncover at the lighthouse Is Ireland her forever. Holiday romance, opposites attract meet-cute, Irish romance mc love interest, epic love, life-changing journey, multi-cultural romance, Hispanic women, strong women, new life at 35, self-discovery, romance in Ireland.

Marigold Island Collection Books by Fiona Baker Struggling with grief and loss, two women head to Marigold Island, an idyllic small town with white sand beaches and happy childhood memories. They decide to buy the historic Beachside Inn, renovate it, and re-open it. Their combined drive to succeed, lack of emotional support, and the death of romance with their partners lead them down a path of distraction—even as they strengthen their friendship.

The Abby George books are closed-door romcoms with a lil' sass - guaranteed to have you laughing out loud as you fall in love with this eclectic island family! Burned Destiny Falls by Rebecca Wilder Spending the summer in Destiny Falls is just supposed to be a stepping stone for Sutton, but when she gets there and meets Teller, the handyman who works at her great uncle's tourist trap, she's wondering if maybe this is where she's meant to be.

Now she just wants to survive. In this uplifting tale set in the Highlands of Scotland, ski instructor Fiona Easton is faced with a stark choice: confront her worst fear, or leave a helpless child to face a blizzard alone Quilts Galore by Gini Athey Two years after mourning the death of her husband, Marianna Spencer ventures alone to Wolf Creek, Wisconsin, in search of the perfect fabric for her latest original quilt design.

Once there, she spots a For Sale sign in the front window of the quilt shop and makes a brash decision to buy the business. Amber Light by Virginia McCullough A single act of violence left Sarah pregnant, with her cherished plans for the future in ruins.

But she grabs her chance to leave her Wisconsin town behind and create a new life on the South Carolina coast. Love on Paper by Sarah Madelin Did watching her parents' celebrated marriage end destroy romance author Marin's belief in real love? Ready to confront the past in hopes of moving forward, she returns to the setting of her parents' famous love story - a tiny blue cottage on the English coast.

Surrounded by sea winds, bittersweet memories, and a surprise romance with an intriguing British actor, Marin must decide: does she trust love to survive outside of books? Marcel likes what he sees on and off paper and is convinced Nadia can keep her end of the bargain for the business side. Beach Cove Home by Nellie Brooks A desperate search brings Maisie back to her old beach house, new neighbors, and the friends she left behind. The Magician by Sonia Rao A fashion designer, a tarot card reader and a young professional discover the meaning of true love through heartbreak, loss and longing.

Fill your ereader with Sweet Contemporary Romance. Billionaire on Crutches by Susanne Ash A hot shot sidelined by a broken leg. A nurse coping with what she's seen during her Peace Corps mission. Thrown together as a hurricane approaches. Lily agrees, not expecting to fall for the prince herself. Lola Blakeman crashes her car on a lonely stretch of road, the last thing she expects is to find true love with a grumpy Christmas tree farmer.

Christmas Crasher is a sweet, laugh-out-loud funny rom-com with sizzling chemistry, witty banter, and spine-tingling kisses — and a mischievous Scottie, too! Is there more to Phillip Dexington than meets the eye? But after one kiss changes everything, can they ever go back to just being friends?

Do the two of them have what it takes to survive a marriage of convenience and find love? An enemies to lovers sweet romance featuring a bundle of kittens and one grumpy cat! If you love happily ever afters, quirky animals, and swoony romance, this book is for you.

Holly and the Firefighter by Callie Dawson Matt has no interest in love after witnessing his parents' destructive relationship. Then Holly walks into his life and everything changes in an instant. She's the one--the woman he wants to marry and make a future with. But then tragedy strikes, threatening to turn their dreams to ashes. Getaway Bay Beginnings by Elana Johnson Escape to the beach with three full-length, heartwarming and sweet romances in this boxed set.

We've got billionaires, helicopter pilots, storms, rundown houses, and new high-rise hotels to create drama on the island. Each book starts a complete series set on Getaway Bay, and they all intersect one another! Last Chance Ranch by Liz Isaacson Scarlett is trying to save her grandfather's farm, but the place is a huge mess.

Hudson is a cowboy mechanic who offers to help her fix up the broken down cars on the ranch. Can Hudson fine tune Scarlett's heart as they work together? Or will things backfire and make everything worse at Last Chance Ranch? Roller Coaster Romance: A Sweet Romantic Comedy by Kate Moseman Vanessa scores her dream job at a world-famous theme park, but runs headlong into conflict with her magnetic employee Thomas.

Will love find a way, or will it all explode like the nightly fireworks? Will helping Felicity pick up the pieces of her life give them both the new beginning they need or destroy everything they have left? A Lot Like Home by Kathryn Cantrell Superstition Springs native Havana Nixon is convinced letting a big developer into their tiny Texas oasis is the only way to save the town, and she's not about to let a newcomer, no matter how gorgeous, derail her plans.

Navy Veteran Caleb Hardy is determined to atone for past mistakes by helping the old woman whose letters got him through his last deployment. When the town matchmaker tosses out one of her famous "love predictions"—matching Havana with Caleb—the town is set for the showdown of the century.

MacLeod Sometimes you've got to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. Get lost in this sweet, feel-good romantic comedy. No one believes in the magic of Christmas more than Joy Williams. But then a sexy cowboy saunters into town, with his fancy boots, shiny belt buckle, and lazy smile—and an eviction notice. Twenty-eight years of marriage, three children, and two grandchildren later, the drudgery of bills, work, and endless obligations have sucked the romance out of our lives.

Saltwater Song by Monique McDonell He discovered me in a bar at age seventeen and turned me into a singing sensation. That made the fact that I was hopelessly in love with him more than a little inconvenient. Reclusive author Emmett Drake crosses paths online and in-person with social media expert Lavender Bloom.

Falling in love could lead to disaster. Defend it, of course. And things are going fine until her arch nemesis drives into town to make peace…then, sparks fly. Her big plans have two hurdles standing in her way. A family stuck in the past. And them. The Ashfords. Conner Ashford, to be specific. Will she learn what one thing is stronger than hate? Keywords: Sweet romance. Enemies to Lovers Romance. Daffron When Kat Stevens inherits her aunt's dilapidated house in the small town of Alpine Grove, she finds the inheritance comes with some hairy conditions: four dogs and five cats.

Things get even more interesting when Kat meets Joel, an unemployed geek with an enigmatic past. A fake honeymoon safely tucked away at an idyllic seaside resort seems like the perfect place to heal from their recent traumas. But when Lanie's location is exposed, Matt will do everything it takes to protect her and prove their happily-ever-after is with each other. Spontaneous Theory Talia Carmichael Series Starter Collection, Book 1 by Talia Carmichael When you find someone who makes your pulse race you'll learn not to resist the spontaneous theory.

Keywords: small-town sweet romance, christian romance. Or tear them apart? Walking on Sea Glass is the story of a love inspired by humor, heart, and sweet romance. Before she can, she meets Grady, who's just returned home. Can their budding love inspire her to stay? He figured it was the perfect opportunity.

But her stalker was on the road to retaliation, and she was his destination. Or will the secret they discover threaten everything they love? Still less does she expect to fall in love with him. Doctor Millionaire Hopewell Millionaires 1 by Elle Rush After winning the lottery, Doctor Doug Little has a choice: return to his old life in the city, or make a new life in his old hometown with his high school sweetheart.

He's number five on her 'love list' —tall, dark and completely off limits. Devoted in the Desert by Julie Brookman Sparks fly under the Arizona sky when single mom Caitlin takes her son to the nature center and they meet the charming Park Ranger, Josh. But can Caitlin overcome her past hurts and learn to trust love again?

And will Josh give up his wanderlust plans for love and stability? Or is there? Dating service creator, Dr. Mariah Bates, becomes her own client in Book 1 of this sweetly sexy romance series. The Gold Digger [Billionaires of Silicon Forest] by Melissa McClone When a mudslide traps a billionaire and a real estate agent in the cabin, they must put aside their differences. As mutual respect grows into attraction, an unforgettable kiss changes everything. Her oh-so-gorgeous but grumpy neighbor might try to stop her.

Kawaipuna Cottage Best Friends Book 2 by Carly Quinn After months of caring for her ill mother, dealing with a heartbroken father, and too much face time with the holier than thou older sister, Carly is escaping to Kauai. Now if she can just survive the wise-cracking Scot grinning at her from the adjacent first class seat for the next six hours. The Snow Adventure by Bee Brooks When Rachel's in danger of losing her job, a handsome stranger steps in to help-but first, she must save him. Her memories could tear them apart.

Lieske It was a simple marriage of convenience. Just two years. What could possibly go wrong? Remember When by BL Maxwell A night to remember, a confession, and a lifetime of love in this small town, friends to lovers Christmas romance. Love at the Lighthouse St.

He was her champion. Together, they planned to sail against the wind, but will the headwinds of love change everything? A betrayed woman leaving high society behind. Can God help them overcome a disastrous first impression and find love? Real Virtue by Katy Lee It's all fun and games, until the threat becomes real. Mel Mesini's perfect virtual life takes a turn when an online stalker finds her in real life and sets out to finish her.

Jeremy Stiles is an old friend turned enemy and is now the police investigator Mel must work with if she wants to stay alive. As a faceless predator destroys the things that matter to her, Jeremy knows he's running out of time before he loses the one thing that matters most to him-the real Mel.

Stock up on Steamy Contemporary Romance. Tripped Up by Elyse Kelly Reese came to Kismet Cove hoping her Singles Week vacation would end with at least a few good memories and some potential dating prospects. But nothing could have prepared her for Mr. So, what happens after a week of explosive chemistry and sexy hidden rendezvous?

He's also the entertainment. But Kelsey's single again and no matter how many red lights have been in the way of them being together in the past West has given himself a green one. The pledge: one year together, drama-free. Can Melena keep her promise or is she destined to fall for her firefighter husband? After all, what goes up must come down as the saying goes. Lifelong goals on the line. And an irresistible attraction that might ruin it all.

Telling his story might just repair past relationships and ignite new ones. She is a rising star who hates his guts. But when these rock stars are forced to share a tour bus, their attraction combusts into something that neither saw coming! Billionaire Carson McDonald offers Aubrey a life changing partnership running a company he's purchased. Soon things get really personal. A Love Story by Abrianna Denae When Alex Breneman and Jamie Harthorn come face to face for the first time in ten years, all the pain and heartbreak comes rushing back to meet them.

As they relearn who they are together and apart, they discover that the perfect love story is sometimes one that is messy and flawed. But will one night with the beautiful stranger be enough? Or will the cool mafia enforcer let the heat between them be the thing that finally melts his heart? How did I end up in his mansion?

In his bed?!! I can safely vouch he kept his promise. Two years later, his family bought the company I work for. Mafia Heir by L. Steele Mine to protect. Mine to take. She is MINE! Five brothers One broken family A past that will haunt them forever "If you dare leave me for another if you ever look at another man if you ever let anyone else touch you The Captive by Mika Lane Injured in the woods.

Taken in by 4 hunky mountain men. They had one simple rule. I broke it anyway. Masters of Paradise by Poppy Flynn Who wants to invest in a speck of uninhabited land in the middle of the ocean? The lure of a kink lovers paradise on a tropical, private resort might be a temptation, but what sort of person wants to invest millions and build it from the ground up? Usually one with a story to tell. One who's running, hiding, or incognito.

Or maybe someone who wants to stick their middle finger up at the world. Find out, when you meet the Masters of Paradise. Nathan believes Callie has earned her unfortunate nickname. But just as these enemies-turned-lovers are about to find their happily-ever-after, Callie's traumatic pasts rears its ugly head. Nothing to Hide Nothing to Who says no to free five-star travel?

Not only does he take my sass… but he gives it right back. Every time I bait him, the smooth operator rises to the challenge. Have fun. Do not fall for him. Make You Stay by M. Broome Curl up with some serious steam and spot-on banter in this slow-burn romance between Aidan, a sexy single dad, and Chloe, his feisty and beautiful new neighbor.

Experience has taught me that people are not interested in me as a person, only for what I can do for them. Schmidt Beach Happens is the perfect Hawaii staycation filled with snarky laughs and sexy romance. Attorney Michaela Harris is on her honeymoon—Alone. Kissing Books by Cat Johnson Things heat up when a misplaced, big city author encounters a grumpy small town farmer.

Billionaire Factor—Bryce by Scarlett Avery I owe a lot of money to people who are looking to get paid. Things quickly heat up between us—both inside and outside of the bedroom—and if we can learn to let go of our past mistakes, we might just fall in love all over again—this time, forever. Masked Intentions by Kylie Marcus After being dumped at the altar, Arizona needs a break from all the pitying looks people keep giving her, so she decides to take her honeymoon to Venice for Carnival.

There, under the security of a mask, she lets go of her inhibitions and agrees to an Italian affair with a masked stranger who wants nothing more than to show her the devotion she deserves from a man. Temptation never looked so sweet Adventure guide Dakota Brenton has other plans for her. Is one kind heart enough to change Leah's mind about love?

Croix When a grumpy hotshot firefighter meets a homecoming queen from the city, all bets are off. Denver Colorado is where they met; an entrepreneur from Florida and a mafioso from Las Vegas. Clair until much later. Valor: As the CFO for our multi-million dollar family business Clover Root, I was methodical with the financial tenacity to spot discrepancies. I had to be. Yet, permanently broken-hearted, I was two different people, and I couldn't integrate them. There are two constants in my life, my best friend, Ariston, and this dark cloud that hovers over me, the one that ran every man I ever loved away.

Nothing seems to spark his interest lately, not even a lucrative business opportunity and his upcoming move back to his hometown. Then he meets his smoking hot real estate agent and she has more than his spirits lifting. Almost a Family by Donna Alward Six years have passed since Molly made the difficult choice to follow her dreams. And he's as irresistible as ever. Will these two extreme opposites be able to meet in the middle, or did the notorious matchmaking app make a terrible mismatch this month?

James Big city party-girl Amanda Barber has been spoiled most of her life. But life for Amanda suddenly becomes a major challenge: adapting to small-town life, dealing with her special needs brother, and constantly butting heads with a frustrating local cop. Plunge head over heels as you ride out a hurricane. Get swept away by a treasure hunter. Survive a mountain rescue with a Delta Operative.

So perfect he's guaranteed heartbreak. For Hailey, that's Jack. He's everything… including head-over-heels for Ella. He's no pushover, but there's a huge spark between us. Steamy, upbeat, standalone short romance with a guaranteed HEA.

While studying abroad, I was drugged, kidnapped, and imprisoned. After several failed attempts to escape, I know my time is running out. My innocence is about to be sold to the highest bidder. Sparks fly between us and for the first time, I can see the possibility of a brighter future.

Lilac Second chances are hard to come by. Entrance by Roxie Odell Lucas Henry, a billionaire bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, made his way up from street living to penthouse owner. A serious lapse in judgment leads him into a huge scandal, so he must do everything he can to repair his reputation with the media and the public. Everything starts going sideways when he wins a date with the fiery small-town veterinarian, Emilia Willow.

A half-baked revenge plot. A gambit for love. Follow along as Arnie and Tobias reunite and sparks fly! Realizing Lance has nowhere else to go, Robbie invites him to stay at his ranch. And the two of them are in store for a heart-melting happy ending. Lucky Liar by Mallory Crowe She tries to blackmail the sexy billionaire alpha. He offers to marry her instead. Which one of them is crazier? Always has been Sexy, steamy, and all the feels culminate to deliver a love story that guarantees you'll fall head over heels with the small town of Felt Idaho and all the shenanigans found there.

Keywords: Small town, second chance, rom com. Can Cooper convince Maya to give marriage a one-week trial period? Two best friends will find out if the legend is real. Until they meet each other. Willow Haven might be royalty in this small, southern town, but there are some things even a princess can't resist Matt's a single father still reeling from his ex-wife's abandonment. Sparks collide between these opposites. Will she wake up? And if she does, will she be the same girl he loves?

Falling for Mr. Wrong Falling for Mr. Wrong series by Jenny Gardiner It took years for Harper Landry to get over the sting of loss after the love of her life dumped her in favor of life on the open road. She swears herself off of men after a succession of hilariously awful dates.

Reese They were best friends with a lifetime of memories. Can Cheyenne forget the past and say goodbye with the knowledge of what can happen? Will their world shatter again before they have a second chance? Maybe Baby by Jolie Moore Alcohol and common sense are sworn enemies. Twisted Lies by Sedona Venez He's an ex-criminal billionaire that wins, whatever it takes. Until her. And the firebrand of a high-risk adventurer who crashes into their world, upsetting their expectations.

How complicated could it get? A Fallen Star by A. Can they rise from the ashes of despair and find happily ever after? Keywords: Brothers best friend, small town romance, bad boy good girl romance, wounded hero, tortured hero, emotional romance. Solstice Surprise by Gabbi Grey A blizzard, an urgent plea, a desperate journey, and the most important moment of their lives. Masterson by Lisa Lang Blakeney Our passion is incredibly intense. The connection between us borders on the possessive. Our feelings are absolutely forbidden.

The question now is…what the f ck are we going to do about it? Sinners Anonymous by Somme Sketcher Rory Carter has been calling been calling the Sinners Anonymous hotline for 3 years, confessing all of her darkest sins and secrets. She never thought she'd meet the man that owned it. A dark forbidden love mafia romance. Keywords: Dark romance, mafia romance, forbidden love, age gap.

Ruthless Games: The Complete Series by Callie Rose I took a bullet for a stranger, and two years later, he showed back up on my doorstep with the date I saved his life tattooed on his knuckles This omnibus contains the complete Ruthless Games trilogy, a steamy contemporary romance. Your fierce spirit is the worst of all. You were made to bring men to their knees. It contains cursing and lots of steam. One taste, and I craved more. He said yes. Neither expected the heat in their marriage-of-convenience.

There was never a time when the two of them were not together. But Zac has a secret that could mean the difference between life and death. He can only hope Lilly will forgive him for the lies he tells them both. Zoe has no house, no job an no reason to stay in town. Except for one man who could be more than a friend if his nightmares don't destroy their future.

He's a famous rockstar and I'm babysitting my way through college. But he wants more than my body and now refuses to talk about the night when one rockstar in my bed became two. Can straitlaced programmer Alicia find a way to work with billionaire tech genius Jackson and save her business — without falling for him first? A steamy romantic comedy. Hired Hot Ice by Lily Harlem One hundred grand to babysit a hockey player on an island paradise—seriously, how bad could he be? Finally Yours by Elena Aitken We've got unfinished business, so when Phillip makes me a sinfully sexy indecent proposal, there's no way I can turn it down.

Besides, if forty is the new twenty and a second chance is on the table, maybe it's not too late for that happy ending after all? Too bad her heart has other ideas when she first lays eyes on her brother's tattooed, grumpy, and entirely too sexy boss. But all the chemistry in the world won't help Norah with the hard decisions she needs to make—or help her prove to Kai that happy endings really can happen. But thanks to one reckless night of passion, these opposites are about to become family.

Tobias Nimh, a young stablehand with doe eyes and no clue what he's stumbled into. What Tobias knows may be the key to saving Jove's family, and the spark of an unlikely romance Captain Silver Fox by Nora Phoenix That moment when your spectacular one night stand turns out to be your sexy, older new boss.

Captain Silver Fox is a stand alone MM romance with an age gap, yummy steamy scenes, a Caribbean setting on a cruise ship, and a one-night stand that turns into an embarrassing case of falling for the boss. That should have been my sign to run. Witsec and Whiskey Last Chance Security by Allison LaFleur When a flat tire leaves journalist Morgan Stevens stranded, her instant attraction to the rugged man behind the bar catches her off guard.

Gage Rogers is used to life deep under cover, a new identity is the only reason he's still alive, but Morgan keeps digging. Gage never talks about his past, what is he trying so hard to hide? Ford Landry might have mastered my body, but I'm not letting him anywhere near my heart--even if he makes the best rosemary infused Tom Collins I've ever tasted. And beignets. Enter into a friends-with-benefits agreement, of course. Allegro Court Bendixon Sisters Book 1 by Brenda Margriet Mattie Bendixon thinks she sees a way to save her family business—if she can convince Marcus Temple to stay in his hated hometown for one month.

All she has to risk is her heart. But when a washed-out road forces Jennifer to spend the night at the ranch, passion results. Will their romance be able to last? Breathe for Me for Me Series by Natalie Anderson Grieving Chelsea had sworn off men but resisting handsome easy-going Xander was utterly impossible--the intensity bubbling beneath his charm is both dangerous and captivating.

But when passion finally escapes their playful boundaries, they're both about to get burned A swoon-worthy romance that stars an irresistible alpha. Can they overcome their painful past and rediscover the love they had?

Infatuation [A Little Harmless Military Romance, 1] by Melissa Schroeder To prove her love and save her man, she has to go above and beyond the call of duty. Notorious by K. Scott Cade March loves being a player until a certain blond baker makes him think twice about romance. Hailey Canton isn't sure about much other than the desserts she makes, but she knows players aren't for her.

Can Cade convince her to give love a chance, or will his past ruin their future together? A past full of secrets. An anonymous kiss that turns two men's worlds upside down. Cowboy, Take Me Home Cowboy Homecoming 1 by Genevieve Turner With nowhere else to go, down on her luck Pippa flees to the run down ranch house her great aunt left her—except a surly cowboy named Bear says it's his!

But every repair she makes brings her closer to the gruff cowboy who sets her body aflame. Everyone at Lost Lake has secrets, some more deadly than others Fake Dating Mr. Prince by Stephanie Harrell A no-strings attached, unforgettable one-night stand leads to fake dating in the workplace between a disillusioned playboy CEO and a curvy career driven woman determined to make her mark in fashion.

She's his ace in the hole to climb the corporate ladder and he's her ticket to success. The arrangement was simple, until real feelings got in the way. After a traumatic death, rocker Cole Manchester changes his womanizing ways and becomes inexplicably drawn to his shy publicist Rose Morgan—who desperately tries to stay away from the sexy rocker. Passion turns to chaos as her career and their lives are risked for love.

Is it too late to call off this wedding and plan a new one? Hard Chrome by Anna Kensing Two decades ago, Dylan and Sebastian had powerful feelings for one another — but fate had other plans in store. When a death and an inheritance reunites them in Maine, will they be ready to kindle their reignited flame?

Seaside Sweets by Melissa Chambers She's done with guys who keep secrets, but he's got a big one. After her ex runs up her credit card, clears her bank account, and gets her fired, Seanna escapes to Seaside, Florida where the men are hot as the Gulf Coast sun…one in particular. Watch Me by Liz Lincoln I'm supposed to be focused on my toughest rotation of med school. So what am I doing sexting my hot new neighbor? Or letting him see me naked at the window? One Night Stand One Night Series 1 by Lola Clarke Jessica only wants a one night stand but what she gets instead is one of the hottest nights of her life and that pesky emotion she never wanted again… love.

Can Allen catch her and make her his forever? Can a single mother open her broken heart for a second chance at love? Will a broken firefighter risk his heart for what might be his only chance at forever? A sexy rom-com with lots of food and family! Due to current global supply chain challenges we are experiencing extended and erratic lead times for product deliveries. Please be assured that we are diligently working to fulfill all orders as soon as possible.

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What advantages does the Optima AUC provide to improve my data quality and workflow efficiency?

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A Crown of Swords Elle France — 27 Janvier Gala France — 27 Janvier Paris Match — 27 Janvier Le Point — 27 Janvier Valeurs Actuelles — 27 Janvier Ici Paris — 26 Janvier Marianne — 27 Janvier La Croix — 27 Janvier Le Parisien du Jeudi 27 Janvier Le Revenu — 28 Janvier Le Figaro du Jeudi 27 Janvier Les Echos du Jeudi 27 Janvier Le Monde du Jeudi 27 Janvier Pack Journaux Belges du Mercredi 26 Janvier Popular English books.

Maid to the Mafia. The Institute. Untouchable Love. Sold to a Mafia King. Marriage by Mistake. Think Again: How to Reason and Argue Time After Time: A love story written as a screenplay. Director: Pratibha A. Le Point — 27 Janvier Valeurs Actuelles — 27 Janvier Ici Paris — 26 Janvier Marianne — 27 Janvier La Croix — 27 Janvier Le Parisien du Jeudi 27 Janvier Le Revenu — 28 Janvier Le Figaro du Jeudi 27 Janvier Les Echos du Jeudi 27 Janvier Le Monde du Jeudi 27 Janvier Pack Journaux Belges du Mercredi 26 Janvier Popular English books.

Maid to the Mafia. The Institute. Untouchable Love. Sold to a Mafia King. Marriage by Mistake. Think Again: How to Reason and Argue Time After Time: A love story written as a screenplay. Director: Pratibha A. Dabholkar and Earl J. Notre-Dame de Paris Latest Books. Telechargement des bookys gratuit, des Romans, Magazines et Livres en bonne qualite, telecharger gratuitement Romans, Livres, EBooks, Journaux, Magazines, Autoformation, Magazines sur 1fichier, uptobox , uploaded..

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