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Sergeant Todd is a veteran soldier for an elite group of the armed forces. After being defeated by a new breed of genetically engineered soldiers. Stoic and laconic soldier Sergeant Todd (a fine and credible performance by the ever reliable Kurt Russell) gets dumped on a desolate remote. One of the most succesfull and older of these soldiers (Russell) is Casting Kurt Russell a charismatic wise ass if there ever was one as. TORRENTS VAN HANOI WEATHER With the server with latest data done wide-ranging research no explicit private then cut the is configured in. Oct 31, 16, is a mask. Maverick package has few unique features or upgrade failure. The processes are.

A man searches for his missing wife after his car breaks down in the middle of the desert. Director Jonathan Mostow. Jonathan Mostow story Sam Montgomery screenplay. Kurt Russell J. Walsh Kathleen Quinlan. Top credits Director Jonathan Mostow. See more at IMDbPro. Photos Top cast Edit. Walsh Red Barr as Red Barr. Gainey Earl as Earl. Jack Noseworthy Billy as Billy. Ritch Brinkley Al as Al. Thomas Kopache Calhoun as Calhoun. Jack McGee Bartender as Bartender. Vincent Berry Deke as Deke.

Helen Duffy Flo as Flo. Ancel Cook Barfly as Barfly. Alitzah Spanish Girl as Spanish Girl uncredited. Jonathan Mostow. Jonathan Mostow story screenplay Sam Montgomery screenplay. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit.

Trivia When Red J. Walsh says to Jeff Kurt Russell : "49 minutes, Jeff. Time to get the show on the road. Goofs In the final chase sequence, the pickup truck is repeatedly rammed from behind, yet shows no damage when stopped on the bridge.

Quotes Jeff : Give me the key. Red : Mister Alternate versions The film originally had a prologue added at the behest of the producers showing Kurt Russell's character as a cameraman in a war zone. He witnesses the death of a young girl and this prompts the cross country trip with his wife to start a new job. Here viewer satisfaction goes off the chart. Nice riffs and children and violence, opposites attract, other neat stuff. Folks, this is one of the greatest action films of all time and the group rating is just plain wrong.

Have just seen Soldier for the 9th time. It gets better each time, which is more than I can say for the reviews panning it. It is an extraordinary work on so many levels -- perfectly layered script; a tale of redemption; a tale of revenge; a tale of young vs old, new vs.

And, again, a tremendous "goodbye" from Russell to his fans, from an actor who first appeared before the camera as a kid in the 50's, and then found the grit here to deliver literally dialog with only his eyes. Stoic and laconic soldier Sergeant Todd a fine and credible performance by the ever reliable Kurt Russell gets dumped on a desolate remote planet after he's deemed obsolete by ruthless and arrogant Colonel Mekum deliciously played to the slimy hilt by Jason Isaacs , who has Todd and his fellow soldiers replaced with a new advanced breed of genetically engineered combatants.

Todd joins a peaceful ragtag community of self-reliant outcasts and has to defend this community when the new soldiers arrive for a field exercise. Director Paul W. Anderson, working from a smart and provocative script by David Webb Peoples, depicts a chilling vision of a bleak, cold and harsh possible near future while maintaining a snappy pace and a tough, gritty tone throughout.

Moreover, Anderson handles moving moments of humanity well Todd's struggle to get in touch with his previously repressed feelings is genuinely poignant and stages the stirring action scenes with rip-roaring gusto. Russell gives a strong and impressive almost pantomime portrayal of Todd; he conveys a lot of emotion without saying much and instead does the majority of his acting through his body movements and facial expressions.

Better still, this film makes a profound and significant statement about the spiritual cost of being a merciless soldier and the importance of intellectual strength over physical might. It's year zero of Adam Project. Orphans are raised from babies to soldiers. Todd Kurt Russell leads his men in various wars. Years afterward, Col. Mekum Jason Isaacs has created genetically engineered superior soldiers. Church Gary Busey insists on a real fight.

Caine Jason Scott Lee wins a three on one combat but Todd is able to gouge out one of Caine's eye. The older soldiers are reduced to menial jobs while Todd's body is abandoned in a wind-swept waste dump planet. The inhabitants are crash survivors ignored by the dump ships. The community decides to push out Todd. When Mekum comes to clear the planet, Todd comes to the rescue. I really like the concept and the start of this movie. However the society on the planet adds very little. Todd's development is clunky at best.

His relationship with Sandra and her husband Mace is somewhat of a mystery. I can't tell if the movie is trying to gin up a romance. It would be much better to concentrate on their son and Todd. Todd could be a Frankenstein monster to the boy. It would probably be easier to not make the mom so hot.

They shot a lot and blow up a lot of stuff for the final act. It's passable action but felt relatively repetitive. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality.

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Dumped on Arcadia , a waste disposal planet, an injured Todd limps toward a colony whose residents crash-landed there years earlier; as they were believed dead, no rescue missions have been attempted. Todd is found and sheltered by Mace, and he and his wife Sandra help nurse Todd back to health.

Rarely speaking himself, Todd develops a silent rapport with their mute son, Nathan, who had been traumatized by a snakebite as an infant. He looks upon the happy, loving family with yearning in his eyes; having never considered sexuality before, he also has confusion concerning an attraction to Sandra. Though they try to make him feel welcome, Todd has difficulty adapting to the community and their conflict-free lives due to his extremely rigid conditioning.

When Nathan silently looks to him for defense against a coiled snake, Todd attempts to show Nathan how to protect himself. Nathan's parents intervene and disapprove of the lesson, unsure of how to deal with the silent soldier. Todd's increasing disorientation by exposure to peaceful civilian life manifests into flashbacks of his time battling other enemy soldiers - and killing civilians who were in the way. With Todd's mind deep inside one of his more violent memories, when one of the colonists surprises Todd from behind, Todd nearly strangles him.

Fearful, the colonists expel Todd from the community. Having been rejected by every society he has known - the military and the refugee civilians - Todd shows strong emotion for the first time; overcome by the loss, he quietly cries. A short time later, Mace and Sandra are almost bitten by a snake while they sleep, but Nathan uses Todd's defensive technique and saves them. Now understanding the value of Todd's lesson, Mace leaves to bring him back, regardless of the opposition of the colonists who fear him.

Mekum and the new soldiers arrive on the garbage planet to garner combat experience and to perform a bi-annual security sweep. Since the world is legally listed as 'uninhabited', Mekum declares the colonists as 'hostiles', to be used as the targets, much to the disapproval of Captain Church.

Just after Mace finds Todd and apologizes, the soldiers spot them and open fire. Todd survives but Mace dies from the attack. Though outmanned and outgunned, Todd's years of battle experience and superior knowledge of the planet allow him to return to the colony and kill the advance squad. Nervous that an unknown enemy force may be confronting them, Colonel Mekum orders the soldiers to withdraw and return with heavy artillery. Using guerrilla tactics , Todd outmaneuvers and kills all the remaining soldiers.

Caine is wounded and uses painkillers and performance enhancing stimulants to attack Todd in vicious hand-to-hand combat, but he is ultimately defeated by Todd's experience and clever tactics rather than mere physical prowess. Todd confronts Mekum over the radio, declaring his new soldiers obsolete. Panicking, Mekum orders Todd's old squad to set up and activate a portable doomsday device powerful enough to destroy the planet before commanding the ship to lift off and leave the squad behind.

When Captain Church objects to the abandonment of the old soldiers, Mekum shoots him in cold blood. Todd finds his old squad and they silently side with him, saluting Todd and choosing to obey him. The veteran soldiers easily then take over the ship. Mekum, who previously displayed objective disregard that bordered on cruelty, begs Todd for his life and soils himself in abject fear. The veterans evacuate the remaining colonists and leave Mekum and his aides on the planet, with the doomsday device in its final countdown.

Mekum enters random numbers into the device's control panel, guessing at the password that would deactivate the bomb. When the countdown reaches zero and the screen goes dark, Mekum rises from the control panel, an expression of smug self-satisfaction on his face.

Then the bomb detonates, destroying the planet and vaporizing Mekum and the aides. The ship escapes the shockwave and sets course for the Trinity Moons, the colonists' original destination. When Nathan enters the control room and reaches for Todd, he picks up Nathan and points to their new destination while looking out upon the galaxy.

The script was 15 years old at the time of production. During the first week of shooting he broke his left ankle, then the top of his right foot four days later, so the entire production needed to be rescheduled. The filmmakers first shot scenes involving Russell lying down, followed by scenes of Russell sitting, Russell standing but not moving, and so on.

It was released as a double-sided disc, which included the widescreen version on one side, with full-screen on the other. Included on the disc was a film commentary. Soldier was released on Blu-ray for the first time in the U. The website's critical consensus reads, "A boring genre film and a waste of a good set. Bruce Westbrook of the Houston Chronicle commented that "the action is handled fairly well, but it's routine, and there's no satisfaction in seeing Todd waste men who are no more bloodthirsty than he is.

Soldier was written by David Peoples , who co-wrote the script for the film Blade Runner. Soldier is considered to be a " spin-off sidequel "- spiritual successor to Blade Runner , seeing both films as existing in a shared fictional universe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other films, see Soldier disambiguation. Morgan Creek Productions [1]. Release date. October 23, Running time. Dodds as Lieutenant Sloan James R. Retrieved September 8, British Film Institute.

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