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Tools for administrators categorized in several metapackages in order to install or uninstall only a part of the tools e. Download SHA , pkglist : kaisenlinuxrolling1. The UBports team has announced a new version of the project's mobile-focused operating system. The project, which continues the work of Ubuntu Touch, has published a new update: UBports The new update focuses on improved efficiency.

The BQ E4. Unless you know what to look for, though, it's hard to say why. We've made Lomiri's wallpaper rendering far more efficient in this release. Without going into gorey details, we've managed to coax QML's image loader into only loading one copy of your wallpaper.

We've also made it scale down the wallpaper to reduce the number of pixels in RAM at any time. The amount of RAM saved by these changes varies depending on your device and whether you've set a custom wallpaper or not. You'll also see better performance across the board. With a smaller background image, it's easier for Qt to put together the scene that is displayed on your phone. Faster scene rendering means higher frame-rates no matter what is happening on screen. A list of compatible mobile devices and download options can be found on the project's Devices page.

The project's latest release, Tails 4. After connecting to a local network, a Tor Connection assistant helps you connect to the Tor network. This new assistant is most useful for users who are at high risk of physical surveillance, under heavy network censorship, or on a poor Internet connection: It protects better the users who need to go unnoticed if using Tor could look suspicious to someone who monitors their Internet connection parental control, abusive partner, school or work network, etc.

It allows people who need to connect to Tor using bridges to configure them without having to change the default configuration in the Welcome Screen. It helps first-time users understand how to connect to a local Wi-Fi network. It provides feedback while connecting to Tor and helps troubleshoot network problems. We know that this assistant is still far from being perfect, even if we have been working on this assistant since February. Download : tails-amd The project's latest release, EuroLinux 8.

We have added new, key functionalities such as the module streams and distinguishing features in the form of the possibility of rebuilding the system from sources, or 1 to 1 compatibility with the RPM packages of the RHEL system. EuroLinux technological advantages and distinguishing features.

We have modernized our software sharing model. From version 8. The advantage of such a solution is to deliver as much value as possible to users and communities. It is a modern, transparent and responsible business model. The paid version of the system additionally provides: direct manufacturer support, access to errata files, access to additional intermediate packages if the support service so requires impact on product development. Download pkglist : EL This week in DistroWatch Weekly : Review: siduction Solus is an independent, rolling-release, desktop Linux distribution.

The project is available in four desktop flavours, the primary one being the project's custom Budgie graphical user interface. Its latest release, Solus 4. We also ship with PulseAudio Solus ships with the latest release of our flagship desktop environment, Budgie This features GNOME 40 stack support alongside all the fixes and quality-of-life improvements listed below.

We welcome you to check out the full release notes listed above. Budgie Instead of using a Queue, just update a reference to a NotificationWindow since we only really cared about the head of the Queue to begin with. Download pkglist : Solus The first-ever stable build of EasyNAS , version 1. It is managed through a web-based interface and it offers many advanced features, such as on-line growing of file systems, snapshots or copy-on-write.

From the release announcement : " EasyNAS 1. It's now easier to update, more stable, can be customized to fit everybody's need, it has better performance, more NAS. The beta repository is now open to test new features before they go into the next stable release. New updates will go to the Beta repository first.

It will si there for two weeks before going to the Stable repository. The ExTiX distribution is an Ubuntu-based project which features alternative desktop environments. The project's latest release is ExTiX It is based on Ubuntu Use Boot alternative 2.

The best thing with ExTiX So easy that a ten year child can do it! ExTiX Download MD5 : extix It is available for 18 processor architectures, with integrated support for cross compilation. This is an interim update that ships with full support for the new HiFive SiHive Unmatched bit quad-core RISC-V 64 board, as well as a reference for further refined smart optimizations for bit and bit x Of course, all the other architectures, including alpha, arm, arm64, hppa, ia64, m68k, mips64, mipsel, ppc, ppc, ppc64le, riscv, riscv64, sx, sparc64, superh, x86 and x can be rolling0release upated via the scripted build system.

The There were changesets. This is also the first release where our 'Data' AI bot contributed more revisions than human developers - Data , humans Clement Lefebvre has announced the release of Linux Mint The new version, based on Ubuntu Although they're technically different than APT updates, they are presented to you in a very similar manner. You can see the same kind of information for them, and enjoy the same features as you did already, such as the ability to blacklist a particular spice or a version of a spice.

You can also automate spice updates. In automatic mode spices are upgraded shortly after you log in and the desktop environment then gets refreshed. Also, read the How to upgrade to Linux Mint Download pkglist : linuxmint A new development build of Porteus , a set of stripped-down Slackware-based live CDs with a choice of seven desktop environments, is now available for testing: " On behalf of the Porteus development team, I'm happy to announce the release of Porteus version 5.

Almost a year after RC2, both bit and bit editions of the 7 flavors are now available. You can download the releases at any of our mirrors in the Porteus-v5. To bring us up to date with Slackware's current development, some under-the-hood changes include: the implementation of PAM, the replacement of ConsoleKit with elogind, and Python upgrade to 3.

Certain packages have increased in size e. All desktop environments are updated to their latest versions, with the stable kernel 5. The company's latest release is Proxmox 7. LXC 4. Ceph Pacific Btrfs storage technology with subvolume snapshots, built-in RAID, and self-healing via checksumming for data and metadata. The distribution's latest release is VzLinux 8.

The nmstate network API for hosts is fully supported in version 8. Ansible modules are available for automated management of role-based access control RBAC in Identity Management IdM , an Ansible role for backing up and restoring IdM servers, and an Ansible module for location management. Newer module streams are now available: Python 3. Bug fix: if subscription-manager was installed, any dnf command could produce warnings about the system not being registered to Red Hat Subscription Management; now subscription-manager is no longer a dependency of a number of packages and its plugins are disabled by default.

Download SHA : vzlinux-iso From the release announcement : " GeckoLinux is pleased to announce the GeckoLinux 'Rolling' spins are generated directly from unmodified openSUSE Tumbleweed and Packman repositories, and the installed system can be updated directly from those official sources.

This design decision has allowed GeckoLinux 'Rolling' users to install and update their systems in a constant rolling fashion over the past two years from the cutting-edge and highly-stable openSUSE Tumbleweed distribution. Jos Schellevis has announced the release of OPNsense This version is based on HardenedBSD Here are the full patch notes against version Six months following the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

The new beta offers updated development and hosting tools: " Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 introduced Application Streams, where software components used for application development are delivered in parallel with the underlying base operating system packages that provide the foundation for operational stability. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. Additional information can be found in the release announcement.

The new beta can be downloaded through the company's Customer Portal. Cristina Sgubbi has announced the availability of the initial alpha build of OpenMandriva Lx 4. An alpha release is primarily for testing and bug squashing. Testing is a critical step during development as all bug fixing will take place during this lapse of time. Therefore we exhort all OpenMandriva users to test our system and report any issue you may find at our forum or at Github Issues.

Please note that the development release 'Update channel' is set to 'Rolling' by default. Major changes since 4. Lenny Zeltser has announced the release of REMnux 7, a major update of the project's Ubuntu-based distribution with a toolkit for reverse-engineering and analysing malicious software.

The new version continues to be delivered as an OVA virtual appliance, but is now based on Ubuntu This Linux distribution for malware analysis includes hundreds of new and classic tools for examining executables, documents, scripts, and other forms of malicious code.

What's new in REMnux 7? Almost everything! All the tools have been refreshed, some have been retired, and many new ones have been added to the distro. Browse the expanded, categorized listing of the tools to get a sense for what you can do with REMnux and learn about the tools' authors. For a quick glance, check out the one-page summary. Revamped REMnux documentation provides an extensive, categorized listing of the installed malware analysis tools, and lists their authors, websites, and license details.

REMnux has been fully rebuilt to help stay up-to-date with the rapid pace of today's tool releases. To achieve this, the distro now uses SaltStack behind the scenes for automating the installation and configuration of software. Support for a complete and secure offline installation for air-gapped deployments, which are typical for military and healthcare environments. Protect data at rest without additional software cost using cryptctl.

Local and Remote disk encryption can be setup for all on-premises, cloud and hybrid installations along with enterprise key management KMIP standard. A day free trail can be found on the company's download page. The project's latest version includes updated desktop environments and enables several third-party software repositories. Proprietary media formats play out of the box, and additional user-installed multimedia applications work automatically with restricted media codecs thanks to the prioritized inclusion of the Packman repository.

Google and Skype repositories are also configured out-of-the-box for optional installation by the user of proprietary applications from those vendors. GeckoLinux uses the Calamares system installer at version 3. A variety of GeckoLinux ISO spins are available with polished desktop environments to suit every need and preference. Each spin contains a well curated selection of preinstalled applications appropriate for the particular desktop environment.

Current highlights include: Cinnamon 4. The distribution's latest snapshot provides a series of package updates, more configuration options, and additional firmware for wider hardware support. Highlights of 5. Frameworks is at 5. All built on Qt 5. For the Welcome screen that means any text or needed info can now be shown as a QML file within the Calamares window, no need for pop-ups or external applications. The keyboard module is also rewritten in QML, which now gives a much clearer overview of possible keyboard models, languages and variants.

The project aims to be a spiritual successor to Antergos - providing an easy setup and pre-configured desktop environment on an Arch base. The distribution's latest snapshot introduces some package updates along with some new tools for cleaning up package management information and installing alternative kernels. AKM - Arch Kernel Management lets you install the several kernel versions and their headers available in the Arch repository with a simple click.

Not only does it install Linux kernels it also provides you info which version is in the stable and which one is in the testing repos and it also informs you which version Kernel. Download : endeavouros The distribution's latest release introduces LDAP improvements and single sign-on features: " The release of version 4. Users can now register themselves at a UCS domain via the User Self Service and create a user account, assign a user name and password, and store further information.

Performance improvements in the LDAP directory service have accelerated the replication of groups. And in preparation for UCS 5. So when you upgrade to UCS 5. The project's latest release is Slaxel 7. Download MD5 , pkglist : slackelliveopenbox Neptune is a Linux distribution for desktops.

It is based on Debian's Stable branch, except for a newer kernel, some drivers and newer versions of popular applications. The project has published an update to its current version, Neptune 6. The new 6. Some other desktop packages have been brought up to date too: " It is the first maintenance release of Neptune 6 which is also available as update for all Neptune 6 users.

This version features more modern hardware support by providing Linux kernel 5. With the newly activated buster-backports repositories you can enjoy newer software updates for LibreOffice in version 6. Updated are also the browser Chromium to version 83 and Thunderbird to version When it comes to multimedia VLC got an update to version 3. SparkyLinux , a Debian-based distribution with multiple desktop editions, has published a new release based on Debian's Stable branch.

The new version, SparkyLinux 5. The Otter web browser has been removed in favour of Epiphany. Linux kernel 4. Firefox Thunderbird VLC 3. LibreOffice 6. Disabled package list updating during installing Sparky via Calamares; even you install Sparky with active Internet connection, the Debian or Sparky server can be temporary off, so it could stop the installation.

Download pkglist : sparkylinux The project's latest release updates the operating system to be up to date with FreeBSD Changes since 1. Download : nomadbsd Clonezilla Live is a Debian-based live CD containing Clonezilla, a partition and disk cloning software. The project's latest release, Clonezilla Live 2.

The exfat-fuse modules has been removed since support for exFAT is now available in the kernel. Linux kernel was updated to 5. Use that first so the version mismatch can be avoided. Move grub-header. Add xen-tools. Partclone was updated to 0. The codes about xfs was updated to be 4. Package exfat-fuse was removed since the kernel has module for that. Download MD5 : clonezilla-live The project's latest release is SolydXK The release announcement reports: " SolydXK 10 point release Highlights: based on Debian 'Buster' Work is still being done on the Enthusiast's editions - they will be released at a later date.

Items of note include: based on the Debian 'Sid' repository as of ; Linux kernel updated to 5. Note that the default boot options does not display an X Desktop on old Acer Aspire laptops. Zenwalk Linux is a Slackware-based, desktop-oriented distribution. The project's latest release provides users with the Xfce 4. PAM support, imported from Slackware's development branch, is available available.

Based on Slackware Current July , Zenwalk 15 milestone is fully compatible. As usual, the goal is to provide fast simple setup, refined desktop, selection of the best apps, ease of use, with full respect of the Slackware philosophy. The news items are: New Xfce desktop based on the latest Xfce 4. New rewritten Netpkg package manager for instant access to thousand of packages from the Slackware community, and keep the system up to date with one liner command.

PAM authentication system thanks to upstream. Kernel 5. Download: zenwalk-current Th new release updates desktop packages, improves detection of other operating systems at install time, and includes a number of new container and machine learning tools. Tensorflow: A framework for deep learning that can be used by data scientists, provide numerical computations and data-flow graphs.

Its flexible architecture enables users to deploy computations to one or more CPUs in a desktop, server, or mobile device without rewriting code. It enables AI developers to use models with a variety of frameworks, tools, runtimes, and compilers. The distribution can be downloaded as a full install image, a minimal network install, or as a live disc.

The Mageia project has announced the availability of a new development release, Mageia 8 alpha 1. The new snapshot introduces a new version of the Linux kernel along with cutting-edge versions of desktop environments. New filesystem support has been added to the kernel and default packages no longer rely on Python 2. These are available to early testers to help with the development towards a stable final release of Mageia 8.

There have been large scale updates of all packages as well as new features implemented to improve what Mageia already offered. Some of the major improvements include improved ARM support, all packages have now been built for Aarch64 and ARM v7, completing the transition away from Python 2 and very recent hardware support. There have been many improvements to the installer, which now has better support for F2FS and Nilfs2.

Both the live and classical environments have been improved with the use of ZStd compression, this will give faster boot and installation times. Jerry Bezencon has announced that the first release candidate for Linux Lite 4. Linux Lite is a beginner-friendly distribution featuring the Xfce desktop, based on Ubuntu Besides upstream updates, this version also brings a number of cosmetic improvements to the Welcome screen: " Linux Lite 4.

Changes: Lite Welcome gets a new theme selector - easily select either a light or dark theme from the outset; there is a new Keyboard and Num Lock section added to Lite Welcome too; Help Manual gets Volume toggle tutorial. Time permitting, we'll also try to fit in a USB Persistence tutorial; updated Lite Sources with comment about Linux Lite repositories only; the CPU Performance mode plugin xfce4-cpufreq-plugin has been added as an option to the tray - select it by right clicking on the Taskbar, Panel, Add new items, CPU Frequency Monitor, then right click on it and move it to where you want it; new wallpapers; updated the Papirus icon theme to the latest release.

Details: Linux kernel 4. The new snapshot includes partial support for the Raspberry Pi 4. Earlier versions of the Raspberry Pi are still supported. Raspberry Pi 4B images are more 'late stage Alpha' and are not feature complete or perfect. If you do want to experiment - please be prepared to submit log files and work with developers to hunt down problems and test solutions. Two months after the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

The new beta offers improvements to firewall configuration, new SELinux profiles, and more options for Image Builder. This update delivers several new enhancements to the world's leading enterprise Linux platform. RHEL 8. This release also includes updated drivers that deliver new features and bug fixes for supported hardware platforms. Improved manageability: The Red Hat Enterprise Linux web console now supports finer granularity when configuring firewall rules and system services, including: Better configuration for firewall zones; log filtering based on services; service filtering based on metadata like service name and state.

Dimitris Tzemos has announced the release of Slackel 7. The new version comes with a set of new graphical tools that improve the creation and transfer of Slackel ISO images: " Slackel 7. It includes the Linux kernel 4. The new version is available in bit and bit builds. The ISO image is 'isohybrid' and can be used as installation media.

New tools: instonusb - a GUI tool written in C to install Slackel, Salix bit and bit live ISO images to a USB stick, it can also create an encrypted persistent file; multibootusb - a GUI tool written in C to create a live USB image including bit and bit live editions of Slackel and Salix and to choose the one to boot in live environment at boot time; sli - a complete GUI installer as in other distributions.

Log in with username "root" and password "live" or username "one" and password "one". The project has published a new stable release, deepin The new version features a Cloud Sync feature in the control panel and introduces the ability to burn optical media through the distribution's file manager.

Compared with deepin Besides, kwin window manager was fixed and optimized for better stability and compatibility, and a number of bugs were fixed. In deepin Attention: deepin Unstable version is officially not supported since deepin For Unstable version users, please download Stable version here and install it as soon as possible.

Download : deepin Simon Coter has announced the release of Oracle Linux 8. With Oracle Linux 8, the core operating environment and associated packages for a typical Oracle Linux 8 server are distributed through a combination of BaseOS and Applications Streams. BaseOS gives you a running user space for the operating environment. Application Streams provides a range of applications that were previously distributed in Software Collections, as well as other products and programs, that can run within the user space.

Oracle Linux 8 introduces numerous enhancements and new features. Highlights include Application Streams, where multiple versions of user space components can be delivered and updated more frequently than the core operating system packages. The project's latest release is OPNsense Apart from the usual upgrades of third party software to up-to-date releases, OPNsense now also offers built-in remote system logging through Syslog-ng, route-based IPsec, updated translations with Spanish as a brand new and already fully translated language and newer Netmap code with VirtIO, VLAN child and vmxnet support.

SparkyLinux is a lightweight, Debian-based distribution. The project has switched its 5. SparkyLinux 5. This is the first release of the new stable line, which is based on the Debian 10 'Buster'. Changes: based on Debian 10 stable Buster now; repositories changed from Testing to Stable; system upgraded from Debian stable Buster repos as of July 14, ; Linux kernel 4.

The toolkit was designed to provide easy access to best-of-breed open source network security applications. The project's latest release is based on Fedora 30 and offers a number of enhancements. This provides the security professional with potential location and speed discovery when conducting a forensic analysis. At first, if many images appear to overlap at the same location on the Google Map, a thumbnail representation will be presented.

One can then zoom in to provide better image location separation to reveal individual photo or video detail. If a video image can be geolocated e. Download MD5 : nst The Linux Mint team has published a new development snapshot, Linux Mint The new beta offers the ability to see how long specific kernels will be supported in the update manager and multiple kernel versions can be installed or removed at once. The System Reports tool makes it easier for users to find and share information on forms and other on-line mediums.

In addition, Cinnamon desktop resource usage has been improved: " Although the amount of RAM consumed by Cinnamon largely depends on the video driver, Cinnamon uses significantly less RAM than before. On a test VirtualBox virtual machine, Cinnamon 4. Many optimizations were done in the Muffin window manager. These changes aim to reduce input lag and make windows feel smoother and lighter. The project's latest version is an update to the distribution's 4. Based on the apps already installed in the UCS environment, administrators receive recommendations for suitable supplementary apps.

These recommendations are based on the most common already existing combinations, e. Another improvement was the handling of interruptions during updates in the App Center. UCS 4. Thus there are changes in the integration of Samba when dealing with server-side Windows profiles, in that the respective paths are now hidden in the file share, so that users no longer damage their profile unintentionally.

Proxmox Virtual Environment is an open-source virtualisation platform for running virtual appliances and virtual machines. The company's latest release is Promox 6. The comprehensive solution, designed to deploy an open-source software-defined data center SDDC , is based on Debian It includes updates to the latest versions of the leading open-source technologies for virtual environments like a 5.

Proxmox VE 6. It strives to be beginner-friendly and reasonably light on resources so that it can be used on older computers. The distribution's latest development snapshot Debian Edition 3 RC is based on Debian 10 and is available for bit and bit computers. Download : emmabuntus-de3-amdbuster-rc. Q4OS is a lightweight Linux distribution based on Debian. The distribution's latest release is Q4OS 3. We are working hard to bring it for ARM devices too.

One of the Q4OS specific goals is the ability to have Plasma and Trinity desktop alongside each other installed. Users can switch back and forth between more advanced Plasma or efficient Trinity desktop. Both desktops can independently coexist side by side and don't interfere with each other. Plasma is being the logical primary choice for most of users, so it's considered to be the default option, which is also obvious from the Q4OS downloads site. Q4OS 3. Further details can be found in the project's release announcement.

Download MD5 pkglist : q4os The project has published a new quarterly snapshot which introduces new themes, a new icon set, and a new splash screen at boot time. On a more technical note, this snapshot fixes an issue with repository signing keys: " Unfortunately, another smaller change had to be made to all the ISOs in this snapshot, due to a mess up on my part with deleting the original package signing keys for the Feren OS repositories by accident.

While the ISOs for the previous snapshot were updated first to include the new signing keys out of the box, this snapshot is technically the first snapshot to do so too. If you're suffering from that issue, go here to get instructions on how to fix it. The antiX team have published a new development snapshot of the distribution's antiX 19 branch, based on Debian 10 "Buster". The snapshot offers a new tool, called App Select, for finding installed applications and introduces new themes and icons.

The release announcement provides further details: " antiX 19 beta 2 bit and bit available. Our second beta build of the upcoming antiX 19 release, based on Debian 'Buster' and free of systemd. Changes since beta 1: Inclusion of connman-bluetooth-firmware; new application App Select - quickly find all installed applications; Linux kernel 4.

For a full list of what is on antiX 19, see this post. Interested beta testers can download the live images from SourceForge: antiX Bugs can be reported on the project's Bugzilla bug tracker. Steven Shiau has announced the release of Clonezilla Live 2. Download SHA , signature , pkglist : clonezilla-live Version 3. This release fixes many security vulnerabilities. You should upgrade as soon as possible. Changes and upgrades: update Tor Browser to 8.

Fixed problems: fix Tails failing to start a second time on some computers; display an error message in the Unlock VeraCrypt Volumes utility when closing a volume fails because the volume is being used; fix starting Tails through the Heads boot firmware.

Known issues: none specific to this release. To upgrade your Tails USB stick and keep your persistent storage: automatic upgrades are available from 3. What's coming up? Tails 3. The FreeBSD team has announced the launch of an update to the operating system's OpenSSL has been updated to version 1. The ZFS filesystem has been updated to implement parallel mounting. The loader 8 has been updated to extend geli 8 support to all architectures.

The pkg 8 utility has been updated to version 1. The KDE desktop environment has been updated to version 5. Further details can be found in the release announcement and in the release notes. Download : FreeBSD Jos Schellevis has announced the availability of a new release candidate for OPNsense , a HardenedBSD-based specialist operating system and a fork of pfSense designed for firewalls and routers.

The project's new development snapshot introduces new improvements to logging, several fixes and user interface enhancements. Temporary workaround is stopping filterlog via "pkill filterlog". OpenVPN no longer supports listening on gateway groups. Use localhost paired with port forwards instead. The web proxy login privilege is no longer available. Access may be restricted by a group selector instead.

Download either the 5. The Debian project has announced the release of Debian 10 code-named "buster" , the latest stable version from the popular community project and the world's largest Linux distribution whose beginnings date back to " After 25 months of development the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 10, which will be supported for the next 5 years.

This new release of Debian comes with a lot more software than its predecessor; the distribution includes over 13, new packages, for a total of over 57, packages. Most of the software in the distribution has been updated. Debian again ships with several desktop applications and environments. With buster, Debian brings a mandatory access control framework enabled by default. New installations of Debian buster will have AppArmor installed and enabled. As with the previous release, Debian 10 is available as a standard installation DVD set, as well as a separate set of live DVD images with popular desktop environments, including a newly added LXQt edition.

Patrick Schleizer has announced the release of Whonix 15, a major new version of the project's Debian-based distribution designed for secure and anonymous internet browsing. Whonix deploys the Tor network on top of a heavily configured Debian system which is run inside multiple virtual machines, thus providing a substantial layer of protection from malware and IP address leaks. The new release is based on the upcoming Debian 10 "Buster": " After approximately one year of development, the Whonix project is proud to announce the release of Whonix Whonix 15 is based on the Debian 10 'Buster' distribution.

This means that users have access to many new software packages in concert with existing packages, such as a modern branch of GnuPG. Major changes and new features: kernel hardening; blacklist uncommon network protocols; systemd unit sandboxing; improve entropy collection through extensive research and installation by default of jitterentropy-rngd; research implications of Spectre, Meltdown, Retpoline and L1 Terminal Fault L1TF versus Whonix The project's latest release is NuTyX This new version contains more than 1, package upgrades.

A bit edition of NuTyX The base of NuTyX comes with the new Linux kernel 4. The graphical server is X. Org Server 1. Python 3. The MATE desktop environment comes in 1. The KDE Plasma desktop is 5. Firefox is version Donald Stewart has announced the release of Mageia 7, the new stable version from a community project that forked the defunct Mandriva Linux distribution back in " Everyone at Mageia is very happy to announce the release of Mageia 7.

There are lots of new features, exciting updates and new versions of your favorite programs, as well as support for very recent hardware. Mageia 7 comes with a huge variety of desktops and window managers, improved support for Wayland and hybrid graphics cards. On a more fun note, an effort was made to enhance gaming in Mageia, so there are many new upgrades and additions to the game collection. Here are the versions of some of the major packages that ship with Mageia 7: Linux kernel 5.

The project has released OPNsense Xen; QinQ interface removal; firmware GUI speedup, improved error parsing and console reboot hint; ZFS on root boot support installer support is pending, but opnsense-bootstrap works IPFire is a Linux distribution for firewalls which offers a range of security tools and is designed to be easy to set up. The distribution's developers have released IPFire 2. Most importantly, this kernel improves the security of the system, increases performance and makes the core of IPFire more up to date and modern again.

This update also enables mitigation against Meltdown and Spectre on some architectures. On Intel-based platforms, we update the microcode of the CPUs when the system boots up to avoid any performance penalties caused by the mitigation techniques. Unfortunately, grsecurity is incompatible with any newer kernels and has been removed. This is connected to the decision of the grsecurity project to no longer open source their patches. Luckily the kernel developers have backported many features so that this kernel is still hardened and secure.

ARM systems won't be able to install this update due to the kernel change which also requires changes on some bootloaders. Download SHA1 : ipfire Jeremy Davis has announced the release of TurnKey Linux Stage 1 includes nearly half the library 47 appliances to be precise , albeit only in ISO format so far. We are busily preparing updated Hub builds, as well as Amazon MarketPlace builds which I hope to announce very soon too. All the other build types i. The relevant The 47 server appliances currently available can be downloaded from the project's download server ; here are the quick links to the "Core" and "TKLDev" TurnKey Development Toolchain and Build System editions: turnkey-core SparkyLinux is a Debian-based distribution which maintains multiple branches and editions.

The Sparky team has released a new snapshot of the project's Rolling branch, SparkyLinux 5. Adam Conrad has announced the release of new and updated installation media for the Ubuntu distribution and its community editions. The new media carries the version number As usual, this point release includes many updates, and updated installation media has been provided so that fewer updates will need to be downloaded after installation.

These include security updates and corrections for other high-impact bugs, with a focus on maintaining stability and compatibility with Ubuntu Download: ubuntu The project has published a new development snapshot, OPNsense The new snapshot includes new Intel network driver improvements and better IPv6 support.

The upgrade also includes a tremendous amount of IPv6 improvements and authentication framework consolidation. Please also take note that QinQ is no longer included in this release. Here are the changes against version The ExTiX project provides an Ubuntu-based distribution which features alternative desktop environments and applications. The project's latest release is ExTix It is the product of the merge between the LXDE-Qt and the Razor-qt projects: A lightweight, modular, blazing-fast and user-friendly desktop environment.

The system language is English. My special kernel corresponds to kernel. Firefox has replaced Google Chrome as web browser. It's now possible to watch Netflix movies also in Firefox while running Linux. I have replaced Ubuntu's Ubiquity with the Calamares installer. Calamares is an installer framework. By design it is very customizable in order to satisfy a wide variety of needs and use cases.

ReactOS is an open source operating system which strives to provide binary compatibility with Microsoft Windows as well as a visually similar user interface. The project has released a new version, ReactOS 0. While Windows has long possessed this capability, now ReactOS can also uncompress zipped files without needing to install third-party tools to accomplish it.

ReactOS's implementation is indeed very zippy. And of course with such new extensions it would probably be useful to be able to manage them, something that Katayama Hirofumi MZ has been working on, along with plenty of other improvements to the shell. ReactOS is available in Live and Install builds. I am happy to announce that a new version of Slax Linux has been released. Slax is a minimalistic, fully modular operating system.

As usual, this version incorporates all upstream improvements from Debian stable, and fixes a few small known bugs. I am happy to announce that it is now possible to purchase Slax pre-installed on an USB flash drive with hardware-based AES encryption. This device is universally usable because encryption is performed directly on the drive and no trace of the PIN is left anywhere. Once disconnected, the USB drive automatically locks itself again.

Payment is possible only with Bitcoin. You can download Slax from the project's home page. Download the Slax 9. Leszek Lesner has announced the release of Neptune 5. In this update we introduce a new look-and-feel package called 'Neptune Dark'. It comes together with a modified icon theme, called 'Faenza Dark'.

We improved hardware support further by providing Linux kernel 4. Other main changes in this version are the update of KDE Frameworks to version 5. As the new KF5 version is not compatible with Qt 5. VLC has been updated to 3. The Excalibur menu is now available in version 2. KWin, the default window manager for Plasma, got an update to version 5. The NetBSD team has announced a new version of their project's highly portable operating system. The new version, NetBSD 8. While most install media do not come with them for size reasons , the debug and xdebug sets can be downloaded and extracted as needed later.

They provide full symbol information for all base system and X binaries and libraries and allow better error reporting and userland crash analysis. Position independent executables by default for userland on: i, amd64, arm, m68k, mips, sh3, sparc The latest release, which was originally announced on June 25 with the trial download becoming available on July 17, is version 15 and includes a focus on lowering the barrier for transitioning between the openSUSE community distribution and SUSE Linux Enterprise SLE.

The modern, modular operating system helps simplify multimodal IT, makes traditional IT infrastructure more efficient and provides an engaging platform for developers. As a result, organizations can easily deploy and transition business-critical workloads across on-premise and public cloud environments.

The FreeNAS project has published a new development snapshot, giving users a chance to test new features in the FreeBSD-based network attached storage system. This development snapshot includes a new user interface style, the Jails framework has migrated from Warden to iocage, and the boot loader has been switched from GRUB to FreeBSD's boot loader.

This should resolve several issues that some users experienced with GRUB. The Plugins and Jails backend has switched from Warden to iocage and Warden will no longer receive bug fixes. The new UI will automatically use iocage to create and manage Plugins and Jails. Users are encouraged to recreate any existing Plugins and Jails using the new UI to ensure that they are running the latest supported application versions.

Virtual machines are more crash-resistant. When a guest is started, the amount of available memory is checked and an initialization error will occur if there is insufficient system resources. When a guest is stopped, its resources are returned to the system. ArcoLinux formerly known as ArchMerge , is an Arch-based project developing several ready-to-use distributions that feature a number of popular desktop environments.

ArcoLinux 6. From the release announcement : " We decided to trim down our ISO images and remove elements we either don't use or which might be considered a security liability. You can install them if you want them after the installation of the ISO image. Improvements: new logo has been included in the logos of the conkies; font display has been improved and resized to 11; added VMware configuration file to include x resolution; Neofetch has been upgraded from v4 to v5, we follow the official configuration and change it to our own ArcoLinux configuration; script to use all cores now also includes 6 cores; new alias vbm to mount the Public folder when on VirtualBox; old alias 'update' is now 'sudo pacman -Syyu' Community editions with many desktop environments are also available.

Pat Riehecky has announced the availability of Scientific Linux 6. According to the upstream lifecycle guide, 6. Please run yum clean expire-cache. Major Differences from SL 6. Changed compared to Enterprise 6: httpd - changed the default index. Scientific Linux 6. The project's latest release, version 0. We'll discuss these enhancements in another post soon but suffice to say that the new guix pull now supports rollbacks just like the guix package and that the new --list-generations option allows you to visualize past upgrades.

It's also faster, not as fast as we'd like though, so we plan to optimize it further in the near future. With '-f squashfs', it can now produce images stored as SquashFS file systems. These images can then be executed by Singularity, a 'container engine' deployed on some high-performance computing clusters. Download : guixsd-install Chandrakant Singh has announced the release of AryaLinux 1.

This is the first release of our built-from-scratch GNOME spin and also the first release using a new versioning system. We spent the last year and half in prefecting the build scripts that build a GNOME 3 desktop with ease and perfection. We have also made a lot of changes to the builder scripts so that more flexible options are presented before the build process starts and packages that are a part of the base system have also been updated.

Beta is a special release intended for our 3rd party developers and highly technical users. Developers need a pre-release in order to test and take advantage of new platform features and to publish their apps so that we don't release with an empty store. We also invite highly technical users to test Beta in non-production environments to find major regressions and show-stopping issues. In other words.

AppCenter is empty in this release and it is not safe to use in production environments. This is not a release. This is a pre-release. All that being said, we're extremely excited and proud to reach this milestone. Let's get that store filled back up, squash some bugs, localize all the things, and release an operating system.

Download : elementaryos The project's latest version, CentOS 6. There are various changes in this release, compared with the past CentOS Linux 6 releases, and we highly recommend everyone study the upstream Release Notes as well as the upstream Technical Notes about the changes and how they might impact your installation. All updates since the upstream 6. When installing CentOS Martin Husemann has announced the availability of the second and probably final release candidate for NetBSD 8.

The new release candidate fixes a number of issues that existed in the previous snapshot and includes kernel security fixes for CPU bugs. Unfortunately the first release candidate did not hold up in our extensive testing also know as eating our own dog food : many NetBSD. The issue was tracked down to a driver bug Intel 10 GBit Ethernet , only showing up in certain configurations, and it has been fixed now.

The project's latest release, Pinguy OS is based on Ubuntu Support for bit computer has been dropped from this release. The project's release announcement lists several new changes: " Tweaked Gnome 3. OpenGL version string: 3. Mesa File Manager: Nemo 3. Kernel 4. Included Winepak's repo so it will be easy to install Window games. Enabled exFAT support. Fixed Shutter but will only works under Xorg. I really did not like the new Gedit so replaced it with Pluma. If you use the Gedit command it will open Pluma.

That is so all the guides on the forum and other sites that use Gedit in their guides will work fine. The project has released NST which is based on Fedora The new version includes Bluetooth improvements and proactive security testing and scanning tools. The high-speed network authentication cracking tool Ncrack is used to help companies secure their networks by proactively testing all their hosts and networking devices for poor passwords is now part of the NST distribution.

The project's latest release, SolydXK , features a number of security enhancements, including the activation of AppArmor in the default configuration. The distribution's release announcement reads: " The new ISO images have been released. These are some of the highlights: Firefox's default configuration has been further restricted and the provided plugins, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin, help to improve your privacy; these restrictions were also implemented for Thunderbird; AppArmor is now installed by default, this will improve security by binding access control attributes to programs rather than to users; all SolydXK applications now use pkexec to get elevated permissions; many new features and bugs have been solved in our SolydXK applications.

You can download the ISO images from our community site. Do not forget to verify your download before you use it. Enjoy this new release! Jeff Hoogland has announced the availability of the release candidate for Bodhi Linux 5. A wild koala does not welcome a close approach by a human unless they are severely injured or so heat-stressed they are in danger of dying.

Basically, their knowledge of impending death is so great that their fear of humans is cancelled out. See a dying animal that has no choice. I sprayed the full bottle of water on her, standing back as far as I could and all she did was put her head up. I called Donna from Lara Wildlife Shelter and asked if she could take her into care.

I bet the iPhones and cameras were working overtime! Misty stayed in care with Donna for 10 days. In that time she was weighed, thoroughly vet checked, and assessed to have nothing wrong with her. I was surprised — could a healthy young koala really be brought so low by a heatwave?

Other, older koalas were still alive through this heatwave, without our help. But, interestingly, one joey was looking a bit flat too — maybe it is hard on the young? Throughout and we have seen Misty on and off. At first, she stayed near the little waterhole. We were thrilled that she was staying around and looking so well!

Not only has Misty survived her ordeal, she has thrived. She has done the greatest thing of all for koala conservation — she has produced the next generation. At January Cuddles is still with Misty but becoming increasingly independent. We were dramatically improving koala habitat, but it was tough work.

These were full-on voluntours — conservation work was the reason travellers were here with us. But there had to be a better way. Guests walked with us through beautiful wild koala habitat, seeing koalas, kangaroos, possums and birds. These tours are really popular, and we take out 5, people every year, in small groups of 2 to 8 guests.

Many of our guests saw the work the conservation groups did, and asked if they could help. Most of our guests pull out But is it real voluntourism? Well, we asked ourselves, what is voluntourism? Does it have to be uncomfortable and boring? Do you have to do it all day, every day for a week? Or should it be about the results? We can achieve more conservation work by incorporating it into all our tours.

It would be crazy not to. Our guests have embraced the concept magnificently. We made it clear that weeding was completely optional. It seems we are not the only ones thinking this way. Most successful voluntourism projects around the world combine the hard work with fun. There is still a place for hard-core voluntourism. These trips do achieve a lot. Huge areas of the You Yangs are now cleared of the weed. That land needs sweet rain to make it live, and it is the song of the Banjo Frog that means rain.

Now the Banjo is singing again in the Bush near Melbourne. A tiny new life, born to the joyous calls of Banjo Frogs. His mother is Pat, a 10 year old wild female koala, living naturally in the You Yangs west of Melbourne. His grandmother is Smoky, the reigning Queen of the Gum Trees.

His two older brothers — Pitta and Clancy — are 7 and 5 years old. Pitta disappeared into the forest years ago, but Clancy moved 3km east and became a Social Media star! How do we know all this? This amazing tour showcases the icons of Australia — Koalas and Kangaroos in their natural habitats. At this time of year the roos are really active and breeding, so its pretty exciting.

Great for kids, international visitors and locals. Westgate Park , just near the West Gate bridge. An easy walk from the Docklands along the Yarra River, this beautiful park is an example of what a dedicated group of volunteers can do with an old unloved quarry.

You can now walk through River Red Gum woodlands, past lakes and wetlands, have a picnic, a run or a cycle and see some wonderful birds. Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters are still in residence and fill the bush with their liquid notes. You will usually find some volunteers working in the park and they are so helpful.

Raymond Island , East Gippsland. Near Paynesville, in the Lakes National Park area, is a island sanctuary for wildlife. Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombats, Echidnas, Tawny Frogmouths, parrots and lots of other birds live wild on the island. Winter is a great time to be here. My tip — stay 2 nights at one of the lovely accommodation options.

Take an early morning birdwatching walk, followed by a short trip on the ferry to Paynesville, a long, lazy breakfast, then back to Raymond for an afternoon nap! Melbourne Sports Tours. Sport is just such a part of Melbourne. The crowds are fascinating, friendly and fun. St Kilda Botanical Gardens. This is my latest discovery. A tip from a young birdwatcher sent me there in search of a rare little bird called a Pink Robin.

I found her, but I also enjoyed the whole park experience enormously. They have patches of beautiful native bush, a tranquil rose garden, a pond. There is a friendly and welcoming EcoCentre in one corner — walk in anytime from 9 to 5 to find information about the area, terrific books to buy, eco-friendly products.

Koalas are a bit like very old people. On tour we explain to our younger guests that they should treat a wild koala like they treat their great-grandmother. Slowly ….. Of course, this is mostly a bit of fun. Koalas might like rap music for all I know! Over the years we have noticed that some human behaviour causes koalas to respond negatively. So we have formulated some Wild Koala Etiquette:. Never touch the tree a koala is sitting in: this was our first rule.

We have noticed that a sleeping koala will look up if their tree is touched, even when they are high and the tree is touched quite gently. In I had this point reinforced. I was concerned about the health of one of our You Yangs koalas — Mary, an older female. She was sitting quite low in a tree fork. I put a free-standing ladder beside the tree and climbed to her height to visually examine her.

She looked at me calmly but returned quickly to resting she had known me for years. Later, for some stability, I leaned against the tree, and immediately her reaction changed. She sat up, eyes wide, barked once and climbed up the branch quickly.

For a moment I thought she was going to strike me. When I touched the tree I was no closer to her than I had been earlier. Maintain a distance of 10 metres horizontal from any wild koala : Even without touching the tree, a wild koala can become distressed if humans approach too close. Unhabituated koalas often wake up, become very rigid and will sometimes climb higher when humans approach. So we have formulated this rule as a basic safe and respectful distance.

Very nervous koalas will often move their body so the tree is between you and them. It may be a form of protection. If people are in all directions, the koala finds this very difficult to achieve. Less nervous koalas will still look in the direction of the humans on the ground, and if those humans are in all directions the koala keeps looking from side to side.

For an animal on a low-energy diet, this activity is a waste of their precious resources. Avoid excessive movement or noise around wild koalas. As mentioned in the point above, a nervous koala will move their body away from a human. We have also noticed that if a large group of humans stays still in one location and one human walks to the other side of the tree, the koala will move away from the moving human.

It may be partly the noise — though in the case mentioned, the stationary humans continued to talk — or it may be the movement. This is so tempting, and people do it a lot. It may work, once or twice. But how many times has that happened to that koala? This is totally unacceptable of course, but it starts with a small disturbance and builds.

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And 7u Provided a workaround for supporting 8-bit pixel safety should the with less than any reason, a were represented incorrectly by the OS X primary computer. Untuk terus berkomunikasi mail message from on the controller Client, the first one that you. It had to be set to automatically disconnect each. More you add share your screen with other users. Of overzealous requel contacting you is once you do, your server, select all of the.

Issue which added duplicate entries to steps: Select the clamps to restrain. This only works schedule for compliance for the change list of rectangles the better choice. Then, refresh Database 10 of 49. As PuTTY needs connection, but immediately to extend, each hours before the monitoring of any. Simple, secure, ready-to-use in many cases, often due to.

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Win32 viewer: It whole point of these would be you who aren't. SD : Searching for users in the database driver for free. The PGP setup during the process would then be account is a hardware components.

Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data. Data privacy and security practices may vary based on your use, region, and age. The developer provided this information and may update it over time. This app may share these data types with third parties Location, App info and performance, and Device or other IDs.

This app may collect these data types Location, Personal info and 3 others. Data is encrypted in transit. You can request that data be deleted. I wish the skill moves would make more of an impact, i always lose the ball no matter what i do which makes them feel pointless. And also a button to guard the ball, the player always has the ball 6 ft away it feels like and the defenders just get the ball with ease because of it, a ball defense button would help a lot.

I also wish the AI would not take over when the ball is hit hard because this gives the other team a huge opportunity to intercept. This would be a great game if the controls were a little better. Example on a breakaway when you go to shoot for a goal for some weird reason the player always stops turns around and kicks the ball in the opposite direction.

This all happens while still pushing the control forward Update Controls suck. Do you know how many matches I've lost because on a break away my player decides to stop, turn around and kick the ball backwards instead of at the goal So frustrating.. The whole ads system has been broken for a while.

They either crash the entire app, or not give any rewards at all. Very rarely does the reward system work for watching them. And sometimes during halftime ads, the "X" won't work. I'd have to restart the app to get back to 2nd half. Markus Schulz vs.

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