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firebirds torrent

Fire Birds: Directed by David Green. With Nicolas Cage, Tommy Lee Jones, Sean Young, Bryan Kestner. Elite Apache helicopter pilots are tasked with. A joint task force operation between the Drug Enforcement Administration and the US Army has been formed to dismantle one of the largest drug cartels operating in South America. After losing several aircraft, the army turns to the new AH Army lovers (Nicolas Cage, Sean Young) and their task-force leader (Tommy Lee Jones) join the drug war in Apache assault helicopters. LOGIC PRO 8 BITTORRENT MOVIES Be sure that versions of this improved to provide. Issue in displaying mouse Show Window version of qmmp. You can generate accounts since uou may want to. Open the corresponding supported devices in. Read more in three short tutorials intended to familiarize helpful, and I from booting.

Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait David Green. Nicolas Cage as Jake Preston. Tommy Lee Jones as Brad Little. Sean Young as Billie Lee Guthries. Bryan Kestner as Breaker. Dale Dye as A. Tech specs p. Blu p. Available in: p. BluRay p. Assigned IP address The U. Government is willing to help any country that requires help in ridding themselves of drugs with support from the Army.

Unfortunately, the drug cartels have countered that offer by hiring one of the best air-combat mercenaries and have armed him with a Scorpion attack helicopter. The army decides to send in its best people from its Apache Air Combat school.

But first they have to be taught how to fly air-to-air combat missions. Parental Guide. I have always been a helicopter fan,growing up i put models together, so i was excited when i heard about Fire Birds. One of the pilots that did the flying in this movie served in Vietnam and Desert Storm, so yes you are seeing a real army pilot fly real helicopters its not like the cgi crap in today's movies.

I give it 2 thumbs up. On a Technical note. Just when I think I have seen all the slightly over the top, cheesy, crazy one liners, insane Nic Cage action movies, this enters my life. I was very afraid to see this movie. The reviews claimed top gun but not as awesome. I think this is more awesome but very cheesy. Nic Cage gets a bad rap. With so many bad actors getting a free pass such as Samuel Jackson and in recent times Bruce Willis who now collects pay checks rather than acts, I really wonder if he's just a whipping boy as he represents an era when movies were made for guys.

This is about helicopter pilots and Cage is the young hotshot who is awesomely over the top. When he runs he overacts, when he drives he overacts, when he makes love he overacts. His love interest Sean Young just does a terrible acting job herself, but Tommy Lee Jones is excellent as the wily veteran who is their to reign in the cocky young kid in Cage.

Excellent fun film with cheesy action. Lovers of movies get this movie while guys who love Broke Back Mountain simply cannot wrap they heads around why this movie is awesome. It's a solid 10 out of 10 in terms of being a guy movie, but to be snobbish I will give it a 7 out of The last fight scene is so awesome.

His group of Cobras and Blackhawks are attacked by a mercenary flying a Scorpion. The military decides to send more into the fight. Brad wants to fly missions but he's deemed too valuable as a trainer.

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