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Gangstas Straight feat. Assailant Ungrateful Hellboy Mi Enemies Chatta Box Wata Tune Hip-Hopera [][ kbps]. Deadly Zone [][ kbps]. Deadly Zone Street 2. Deadly Zone clean radio 3. Deadly Zone instrumental 4. Deadly Zone a cappella Ghetto State Of Mind [][V0]. Ghetto State Of Mind June 12, Kingston, Jamaica. Jamaica balances on the edge of another bloody chapter, as war is about to be waged on its streets in the name of politics. One of nine children, Rodneys destiny would be irrevocably shaped by the landscapes of inner-city Kingston, where tribalism and poverty battle for the morals of the hungry and the desperate.

Once known as Dungle, the sprawling rubbish heap is a vital resource to many of its inhabitants. Clothed just by tear-up-batty pants, Rodney would sneak out late at night to hear the music thundering from speaker boxes strung up in the community, belonging to the sound system owned by his Father, affectionately known as Breezer. I used to just grab the mic and vibe up the place with my arguments and slangs!

I never had any lyrics of my own. Once I went to take the microphone at a talent show in Riverton. Even though it didnt work out how I planned it, the crowd were hyped by it so I decided to build my own lyrics. Rodneys first lyrics strained over a raw, monotone melody, but the topic mapped out the conscious vein that wouldpulse through his music in the years ahead; a map that would lead his people to crown him the Poor Peoples Governor.

When I was a yute I lived down in the gully, inna mi tear-up pants people used to laugh after me he chanted. Young Rodney had become the Bounty Hunter. Rodneys preteen years saw another family relocation, a little further along Kingstons Spanish Town Rd, to the housing scheme of Seaview Gardens, where neighbourhoods are divided into areas such as Shotgun and Vietnam.

Jamaicas recent history has been littered by politically-motivated gunplay, and in the mids gunshot regularly cracked across the political divide between warring factions operating in the locale. One scorchingly-hot afternoon, whilst walking home from school with friends, a barrage of those careless bullets were traded through the air, ripping through Rodneys young flesh in the crossfire.

He had become a victim of tribal war, aged All I was thinking about in the hospital was vengeance, he relays intensely. All I wanted to do was kill who tried to kill me. I was meditating pure revenge. In the days he spent in hospital recovering, the aspiring Bounty Hunter came to a forceful conclusion: Since mi get shot it was time to let them do the hunting and time for me do the killing. And so the Bounty Killer was born.

Hard time stylee would not go away, the harsh reality of ghetto economics ruling out the completion of a school education for Rodney. He often had to utilise the hustlin abilities instilled in him by his elder brother Ballie Ballie, to help provide food for the family table. Mama had the opportunity to go a foreign abroad many many times, but she decided to stay here with her children, he says with fondness.

Not everybody would do that, considering the difficulties we faced back then. Bounty has always held his mother, Miss Ivy, in the highest esteem, maintaining Mama has been the most positive influence in his life; his one true role model. Livicating musical odes to Mama has been a constant element throughout Bountys career - more recently with Pot of Gold, done in collaboration with Richie Stephens, and of course the classic Mama.

Whilst continuing to hustle wall plates and figurines with Ballie Ballie, Rodney and fellow Seaview-ites and future Scare Dem Crew members Nitty Kutchie and Boom Dandemite increased their efforts to break into the world of Reggae. They began venturing further afield, to dances and shows staged in the cool interior and rolling verdancy of the Jamaican countryside. The positive response they received further encouraged their burgeoning talents.

Waterhouse is another area of Kingston that is rarely mentioned in the media without the disenfranchising prefix of troubled inner-city community, but its a part of the planet blessed with an Almighty shower of musical talent. At the hub of the Reggae revolution in the 80s and early 90s was record producer King Jammy, whose timeless Sleng-Teng riddim heralded the arrival of digital Dancehall. By the time young Bounty arrived at King Jammys, Boom Dandimite had already begun to garner moderate success from the studio.

The fact that Boom had a tune playing on the radio was all the inspiration Bounty needed. Day after day, month after month, the crew would make that journey up to the St Lucia Rd recording studio, awaiting the chance to jump on the next riddim being formulated in the Jammys sound lab. Bounty and his crew would be designing lyrics and constructing their flow into the early hours, often having to borrow bicycles from Waterhouse allies to return safely to Seaview under cover of darkness.

It was Bountys vocal jack-in-the-box rhyming intros that first drew attention - initially from sound system operators and then from the thousands of Dancehall fans around the world listening to the audio tapes of live sessions, intrigued by the unique voice-pattern introducing custom-built songs played by sound systems like Metromedia and Bodyguard.

Bountys sound system clash classic - Dub Fi Dub - changed the way in which sound system selectors approached their task. Bountys impact on sound system culture has been immeasurable. When the time came to voice at Jammys, Bounty opted for a song that reflected his life experiences; Coppershot was the self-explanatory title, but at that time King Jammy was trying to steer his label clear of songs that paid homage to guns, and passed on the record.

However, Uncle T - Jammys brother - realised the potential and quickly ushered Bounty under his own wing. Coppershot was heard by New York-based Johnny Wonder, a pivotal figure in North American Dancehall Reggae, who went crazy when he heard it, instantly recognising the potential of its hardcore appeal to the urban markets Stateside.

Ironically Coppershot became an underground hit in New York before taking off in Jamaica. Its popularity ensured that Bounty is forever endeared to the Boroughs of New York. Spy Fi Die, Guns Out, Lodge and more uncompromising releases followed, each increasing the velocity and reach of Bountys profile. They kicked off an all-out attack thats yet to cease, with the subsequent release of hundreds of singles. Sting - another huge annual December stage show held Bounty in a killing mood at Sting Bounty verbally assassinated fellow Jamaican recording superstar Beenie Man, who ironically hails from the Waterhouse area.

In the build-up to the show, Bounty Killer was not amused by fellow DJ Beenie Mans acts of lyrical piracy, at a time when they were both just taking hold of the cut-throat world of Dancehall. Bounty stormed the Sting stage during Beenie Mans performance and lyrically assassinated him. Countless other deejays have since attempted to turn over the Killer in a lyrical clash and as Killer puts it, they try hard but just die hard.

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer have had an on-off feud throughout the last decade - a feud that has often erupted without warning. Recognising the negative impact it was having on the music and the nations youth, the two decided to sign a peace treaty in the mid 90s. Their relationship today veers unsteadily along that line of peace, with Beenie Man sporadically trying to unsuccessfully goad Bounty into a clash.

As recently as February of , Beenie Man found himself in the role of troublemaker once again, this time travelling many miles to try and hi-jack a stage show starring Bounty Killer. It ended abruptly and embarrassingly for Beenie Man, who was summarily booed and bottled off stage by patrons.

That clash instigated the elevation of Bounty Killers status to Lord of the Warriors - of the rudeboys, the thugs, the shottas. To this day Bounty remains one of the few voices of reason they will listen to, often compelling them to put down the gun. The soundtrack of the last 11 years is peppered with Bounty Killer anthems that have singled him out to be a true voice unto the voiceless of Jamaica. Songs of redemption such as Defend the Poor, Mama, Book, Book, Book, Babylon System and Down in the Ghetto afforded him the undivided affection and attention of a nation too often governed by mis-leaders.

The Leader of the Opposition, Edward Seaga, wanted to utilise Bountys revolutionary cry Fed Up, as part of his election campaign theatrics, a request that was furiously squashed by Bountys legal team. Today, whilst many Dancehall artists chase and try to reflect the American Dream, focusing on Bling Blinging, Bounty Killer stands steadfast in his conviction to defend what he believes is right for his people.

This is not Jamerica, he demonstrates. Were sending the wrong message to our people.

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