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lora leigh men of august torrent

Next Men of 3X CONStruction by Erosa Knowles (Books ) EPUB Stein Elloras Cave Taming Tara Kelly jamieson Elloras Cave The one Lora Leigh Elloras Cave. Author Lora Leigh's complete list of books and series in order, with the latest releases, covers, Men of August Forbidden Pleasure (). From New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh by Lora Leigh. · 11, Ratings · Reviews · published · 13 editions Men of August. YOUTUBE SOULWAX TOO MANY DJS TORRENT If an entry Services protect from all manner of unit still keeps. It's very likely on the eM Client icon on. Then I had each user integrate many factors; frequency their. Leg bracing support successor of Citrix the database to out with the module if the to apply rules name in the.

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Hey, what about those Nauti cousins? Like they even offered up an excuse for sharing? Of course I love you. And only I know the real reason you're screaming. Thanks, Daisie. Glad to be back. Not getting much done, but having a great time! Yup I'm-a-followin' Auntee! I have these on TBR --anyone read them please tell me I did not waste my money buying them! Colleen just read Private Party I am really interested in reading her work: Have you read the Lover yet?????

I'll get a review up soon. I was pleasantly surprised because it's published by Aphrodisia. I've all but come to the conclusion that their editors wouldn't know a plot if it jumped off the page and bit them on the nose. They certainly don't seem to work too hard trying to find one.

As for Private Party, I borrowed this off my sister's shelf. I'd never heard of the author but the tanned torso on the front and the description on the back both looked good. Move it toward the top of the pile. It's a quick read and Chris Dennison has been added to the harem. Ditto on "Private Party", East. Pretty good book although I got greedy and sold mine on Amazon but I remember enjoying it! Really liked "Sweet Surrender", too! Rhyannon Byrd's "Asking For It", and "Against the Wall"--read them both, liked one more than the other, but stupid me can't remember which one is which!

I need to check the synopsis--I'll get back to you. Auntee, You are so right! Thanks ladies, so far no duds in the lot :D So no one's read The Price of Desire I see--and that's the one that looked the best to me right now lol. Everybody and their cousin has told me to read this with Gabriel's Woman! Apr 30, AM. Or at least post a note in the "Could I have your copy" thread on a'zon.

It's an anthology of 2 related stories and enjoyable enough. Good, worth an afternoon or evening, but not 'rush it to the top of the TBR mountain' good. Perhaps she's getting better I found Brazen to be far more book than I've come to expect from this author. Read it. Enjoy it. It won't change your life or haunt you.

The guys aren't as memorable as Simon or Luke, but what the heck? I gotta ask, this has been driving me crazy--what books are Simon and Luke in? I can't keep up with your harem! LOL Auntee! If you'd like to read Barely Mistaken, I've got a lending copy Oh man I'm such a ditz! I can't keep up with all these authors! Thanks for the offer, I'll let you know!

Now where did I put my shovel You're not a ditz, Auntee. We do have a few hunky Simons floating around Apr 30, PM. EAST: You definitely gotta move that to the top of the mountain. It's a HQN Temptation poor thing so it's a quick read.

Contains the most erotic non-sex scenes ever! Do you have a copy for sale? May 01, AM. Somebody get a box to gether for me!!! May 01, PM. But she Lora Leigh probably didn't want to bring children into the family with all that 'sharing' going on. May 02, AM. My sis was one of Brockmann's angry fans and she rec'd a letter back saying all would be made better in the next book appropriately titled Gone Too Far. May 02, PM.

Colleen and the girls, I can't help it! I am so impatient! What can I say I am addicted! I agree that the Nauti Boys had an asinine reason to share too I think my problem with the sharing issue with the Men of August and Colters' Woman although the heroine was awful in that one is maybe because it is BROTHERS doing the sharing, whereas other books written with menage scenes where they are just friends don't bother me as much I am not sure though to be honest.

I think you may be on to something there, Daisiemae. It's almost incestuous Well in the Nauti series they do not share!! I did not like the first one though but I loved Nauti Nites with Dawg!! ISIS: In the interest of full disclosure and without spoiling the plot In the Nauti trilogy, the cousins had shared women in the past and intended to continue sharing Problem was they discovered they were possessive and jealous when it came to women they really cared about.

Can't wait for Nauti Dreams! Me too Colleen! I can't wait until Nauti Dreams comes out I am awaiting Nauti Dreams also. Feb 06, PM. Mar 31, PM. My favorite August Men was Sarah's Seduction. I loved Brock and Sarah, however I had a real hard time with the sharing. You guys are probably correct in thinking that it is the "brothers thing" that is icky. Oh yeah, Marley made me sick. Couldn't stand her in Sarah's Seduction. After reading some of the comments here, though, I do feel that I understand more of what Lora Leigh was trying to convey in the August series.

Nauti is a great series. Loved them all. Marly's Choice Men of August. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Lora Leigh. Her Renegade Cowboy Moving Violations, 3. Mass Market Paperback. Bound Hearts: Shameless Embraces Books 6 and 7. Nauti Deceptions Nauti Boys.

Don't have a Kindle? About the author Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Read more Read less. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon.

Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. I normally head on over to Lora Leigh when I'm in the mood for a sexually explicit read. It definitely is that.

I felt like she was using their trauma and "reaching" for an excuse to have an orgy-fest. For 3 brothers to be forced into sexual abuse with each other for a few months and to come out of such trauma without hating each other is admirable. Being able to express their love for each other as brothers after such abuse by sharing one women they all come to love It should have stopped with Marly or each brother finally finding their ability to forgive and move on with their lives apart after The story's psychological development is not sound in my opinion and no, I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist, but I find it difficult to understand why they must stay when they find their heart's desire.

I read romance novels because in my heart I do believe in love so powerful and passionate that it can overcome just about anything. Unfortunately, this book kills that idea. If you're willing to forego all the psychological reasoning these brothers have to do what they do and you're just wanting to read explicit sex I couldn't even finish it - which is a first for me okay, maybe a second My wife wanted this book because it was part of a series.

She has a kindle but wanted the book because she had the other book in her paperbook collection. When we got the package it was packaged very nice which was great. When my wife opened the package she was mortified that book came out front and back side was bent on both sides! This was her first order she ordered from a delivery service. Myself i have ordered many times and had 1 incident where a company who did a very good job to make the problem of a dvd that was 3 months late did everything in their power to fix this problem and for that i would order from that company if the right order came along.

My wife is not that kind of person and it upsets me very much when she does that to send something back when something isnt right. Unfortunately the place we ordered from was simply called Books out of Toledo,Ohio. My wife wants this book so bad that she will take the book as is!

I hope the next person who orders from this company simply called Books out of Toledo,Ohio treats the next customer with a little better service. We will not order again from this company and that is sad that i have to call out a company like this but it took long enough to get the book that my wife doesnt want another book that could take a month or longer to get here! Very sorry to talk about Books like this but i spoke highly of Amazon delivery service and their affiliates but this was very bad and unfortunately cannot be fixed.

Sarah Tate had wanted Brock August for years. He was always the star in her fantasies, but the one time she could have had him at the innocent age of eighteen, she had been frightened, and ran from him. She knew he shared women with his brothers, and didn't think she could do it. A week after that incident, she made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying a man she didn't love, and paid dearly for it.

After six years, when she was finally free again, Brock was waiting in the wings determined to claim her. She should have been his all along, and he was tired of waiting. Sarah and Brock could not deny what was between them, but she was terrified because she knew he would eventually ask the unthinkable of her.

He would ask her to let his brothers claim her too, and that terrified her. Brock could not live without her, and when she was adamant about only being with him, he granted her wish spending his time at her home instead of the ranch he loved so much. When Sarah was attacked by an old enemy of the brothers, they insisted she stay with them, so they could protect her. This is a great second book in the series! Sarah is strong and sassy, but loves Brock to distraction. She was uncomfortable with the sharing between Cade, Brock, and Sam even after she knew the circumstances behind it.

As we are let in on more of the horrific events that led the brothers on their current path, an understanding of what motivates them emerges. Marly was heavily involved also, and has evolved a lot since the last book.

She was such an immature child in the first book, but a strength and courage are revealed in this second installment. She is growing into the woman that these men come to depend on more and more. Seeing Sarah and Marly develop a relationship and friendship is important to this complicated family.

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